Venmo creator on The Bachelorette is sending a hilarious message to all us singletons

John Graham on The Bachelorette
John Graham, who helped create the Venmo app, on The Bachelorette

John Graham decided to go on The Bachelorette because he wanted to see if there was a connection with Becca Kufrin. It’s possible he watched the final episode of the previous season, where Becca confronted Arie Luyendyk Jr. after he broke things off with her.

The Bachelor world was excited that she would get a shot to see if she could find love and it sounds like she was able to. She’s reportedly engaged, but she has yet to say to which man. Fans will have to tune in to see how this plays out.

Even though John may have struggled to find a long-lasting relationship in real life, it sounds like his presence on The Bachelorette is sending a hilarious signal to everyone watching.

He’s a good-looking guy, he’s clearly successful, and he’s a world traveler who enjoys working out and staying healthy. And yet, he needs a television show to find love. On Twitter, viewers had some funny reactions to his participation on the show.

One person pointed out that if John Graham needed help to find love, despite being a successful businessman, then what hope was there for the rest of the world?

Of course, Graham could just be a picky guy who knows what he wants and doesn’t want to settle. He could also have been too busy with work to find a girl to date.

It sounds like work has been a big priority for him in life, but now that he could be financially set, it’s possible that his love life has come into focus.

What do you think about John Graham’s presence on The Bachelorette resulting in these hilarious comments from fans? Would you date the “Venmo guy”?

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