Vanessa Guerra splits from Colt Johnson: ‘I wasn’t in love anymore’

colt johnson and vanesssa guerra
Vanessa and Colt are no longer a couple. Pic credit: Discovery+

It’s officially over between Colt Johnson and his wife, Vanessa Guerra.

The 90 Day Fiance couple faced their fair share of ups and downs in their relationship, and with recent rumors swirling that Colt was unfaithful to his wife, Vanessa is speaking out.

Taking to her Instagram Stories to kick off the weekend, Vanessa fielded some questions from her followers.

Among the questions Vanessa received were several regarding the cheating gossip and the status of her and Colt’s marriage.

In response to one question from a fan, Vanessa confirmed that she and Colt are no longer together.

“Hey lovely lady,” the question began. “Please don’t tell me the rumors are true and colt cheated on u (a queen)?”

Vanessa Guerra shoots down rumors that Colt Johnson cheated on her, confirms their split

Vanessa’s response seemingly confirmed that Colt never cheated on her, however.

Vanessa replied, “Thanks, but no. I left him over a month ago.”

vanessa guerro's instagram story
Pic credit: @vanessaj_702/Instagram

When another Instagram user asked Vanessa what happened in her marriage to Colt, she had a short and sweet answer: “I wasn’t in love anymore.”

Vanessa received a handful more questions regarding her marriage to Colt and gave 90 Day Fiance viewers a reason for her failed marriage.

Responding to a fan who was curious whether she would appear on the next installment of 90 Day Fiance, Vanessa expressed her regret about filming for the hit TLC series.

Vanessa implied that filming 90 Day Fiance caused her and Colt’s breakup

“I don’t feel a relationship can succeed being on that show,” Vanessa wrote. “I knew I shouldn’t have done it, but went with it out of stupidity anyway.”

vanessa guerro's instagram story continued
Pic credit: @vanessaj_702/Instagram

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Vanessa stood by Colt’s side last year following a horrific accident that left him with a dislocated and broken leg.

Colt spent weeks in the hospital, undergoing multiple surgeries, and Vanessa kept their fans updated throughout.

One of Vanessa’s Instagram followers accused her of leaving him because of his accident, but the former TLC star was adamant that wasn’t the reason.

“I stuck by him through all of his surgeries until they were completely over with,” Vanessa declared. “Nothing to do with that.”

Colt and Vanessa’s relationship was riddled with rumors of infidelity from day one, beginning with Colt cheating on Jess Caroline to be with Vanessa.

Colt and Vanessa’s hot-and-cold relationship timeline

Colt and Vanessa’s involvement came to light in 2020 during Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

During the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 5 Tell All, Colt said his and Vanessa’s relationship was purely platonic before admitting to being romantically involved with her, revealing that he had slept with her while still dating Jess Caroline.

Colt and Vanessa went public with their relationship in 2021, debuting their romance on Season 1 of 90 Day: The Single Life.

Colt announced that he had proposed to Vanessa, and she accepted in an Instagram post dated May 2021.

Along with a photo of himself and Vanessa showing off her engagement ring, Colt told his followers, “The cat is out of the bag. I’m very happy to announce Vanessa @guerra_702 as my fiancé ♥️. I can’t wait to see what happens next…”

Then, in May 2021, Colt let another cat out of the bag when he announced that he and Vanessa were husband and wife.

“I like to announce that Vanessa is my wife,” Colt wrote in the caption of the post. “I married my best friend and despite what others might say; I know we will find our happily ever after.”

For her part, Vanessa has since scrubbed all evidence of her and Colt’s relationship from her Instagram feed.

Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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