Vanderpump Rules: Tom Schwartz takes accountability for split from Katie Maloney

VPR stars Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz.
Vanderpump Rules star Tom Schwartz says it was “all on” him when it comes to his recent split from wife Katie Maloney. Pic credit: Bravo

Vanderpump Rules stars Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney shocked their fanbase when they announced their decision to end their marriage. And now it seems that Tom is ready to own up to his part in the demise of the relationship.

After over 12 years together, Tom and Katie separately announced on their respective Instagram accounts that they had decided to end their marriage and go their separate ways.

Although Tom’s statement made it clear he wasn’t quite ready to use the word “divorce” just yet, he recently revealed that the breakdown of his marriage “was all on” him.

Vanderpump Rules star Tom Schwartz takes accountability for his part in split from wife Katie Maloney

While leaving a shopping trip to Home Depot, Tom was approached by a celebrity photographer who caught up with the reality television personality to speak about his split from Katie.

Tom looked to be all smiles despite his new situation but confirmed that the breakup was “complicated.”

Despite his happy demeanor, Tom noted, “Of course I’m sad, but, you know, we still love each other very much.”

“It’s complicated, obviously,” he elaborated about their situation. “But nothing in particular. You know, life, you know. It’s complicated.”

Tom dispels rumor that Tom Sandoval was to blame for split, remains optimistic about VPR’s future

When the photographer asked Tom if there was any truth to the rumor that their Vanderpump Rules co-star, and Tom’s BFF, Tom Sandoval played a part in their separation, Tom quickly put the rumor to rest.

According to Tom, his split from Katie had nothing to do with Season 9’s drama but had plenty to do with his own behavior.

“No, no that’s all on me,” he noted. “I wish I had a scapegoat, but that’s all on me.”

Season 9 was a rough ride for Tom, Katie, and Sandoval. While Tom and Sandoval were busy working on their next business venture together, Katie was hurt and left feeling shut out after her attempts to help fell on Tom’s deaf ears.

Eventually, the tension between Sandoval and Katie erupted and resulted in Tom Schwartz taking a break from his friendship with Sandoval.

Thankfully, the season came to a relatively peaceful resolution. And Tom seems to be carrying forth that optimism when it comes to any future he may have with the show and Katie.

“I don’t know what the future of the show holds. I’m always optimistic, eternally. And yeah, I’m doing OK. I’m staying busy,” he shared.

Tom and Katie announced their separation on March 15 with statements made simultaneously to their respective Instagram accounts.

While Katie kept her statement relatively short, Tom revealed that it was ultimately Katie’s decision to walk away from their marriage. However, both clarified that plenty of “respect” and “love” remains between them.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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