Vanderpump Rules Season 11 trailer teases shattered friendships, betrayal, Jax Taylor’s return, and more chaos

Lisa Vanderpump on Vanderpump Rules Season 11
The trailer and premiere of Vanderpump Rules Season 11 have arrived. Pic credit: Bravo

The wait is over for details on the highly anticipated Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules, including a premiere date and first look.

Last month at BravoCon, Vanderpump Rules fans were given a little teaser of the upcoming season, which will be the first since Scandoval.

Bravo kept promoting the return of Vanderpump Rules as January, which is technically accurate.

However, those hoping January means the show is just a week or two away from hitting Bravo airwaves will be disappointed.

Vanderpump Rules Season 11 will premiere on Tuesday, January 30, at 8/7c, taking over The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City timeslot.

The good news is that the supersized first-look teaser will keep fans talking until Vanderpump Rules returns.

Shattered friendships and betrayal take over Vanderpump Rules

There’s no question that the fallout of Tom Sandoval’s affair with Raquel Leviss is still fresh in the new season.

Ariana Madix and Sandoval are navigating their living arrangement, which results in a fight over the house and their children. Yes, you read the last part right.

Meanwhile, Scheanna Shay and Tom Schwartz try to determine their friendship with Sandoval. This leads Katie Maloney to put her ex and Scheanna on the spot, especially the latter. Brock Davies also has some words for his wife.

Speaking of Schwartz and Scheanna, it turns out they once kissed in Las Vegas. That bombshell gets several people riled up, including Katie and Sandvoal of all people.

Sandoval, though, uses it to his advantage to throw Scheanna’s past in her face as everyone keeps coming at Sandoval for his cheating ways.

Although Lala Kent and Ariana seem on solid ground, the footage hints at some problems. It seems Lala gets annoyed with Ariana’s newfound success following the scandal. Lala also bonds with Schwartz, which causes problems with the rest of the ladies in the group.

Back with Sandoval, he can’t fight his feelings for Raquel, even though she clearly doesn’t want anything to do with him. Lisa Vandperump loses patience with Sandoval and his pursuit of Raquel.

Jax Taylor returns to Vanderpump Rules and more Season 11 bombshells

It seems those rumors about Jax returning to the show are true. Jax has a heated talk with Lisa, accusing her of writing him off, and Lisa isn’t here for his claims.

Plenty of drama is coming from Season 11, but there will be some humor, too.

For example, Katie and Schwartz have the same girl interested in them romantically. Yes, these exes are vying for the same woman’s affection, and Katie’s reaction is pretty funny.

Over with Lala, she’s just trying to live her best life, make some cash, and, oh, find a sperm donor so she can have another baby. James Kennedy and Ally Lewber are still going strong despite the rest of the group seemingly falling apart.

Ariana’s new man, Daniel Wai, appears in the trailer. The blond beauty wants him to move to Los Angeles, something he doesn’t see too into.

Finally, In true Lisa fashion, she’s there to give her opinion and help guide the dysfunctional group of friends through this new phase.

If the first look is any indication of what’s coming, Vanderpump Rules Season 11 is going to be oh-so-good!

Are you ready for the Vanderpump Rules to be back?

Vanderpump Rules Season 11 premieres on Tuesday, January 30, at 8/7c on Bravo. Seasons 1-10 are streaming on Peacock.

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