Vanderpump Rules rumor: Did Lala Kent plan split from Randall Emmett

VPR star Lala Kent.
Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent. Pic credit: Bravo

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent has been embroiled in plenty of gossip and whispering following her split from film producer Randall Emmett back in October. Now, rumors are swirling once again and are quite accusatory.

Rumors first began to swirl when pictures surfaced online that seemingly showed Randall out on the town with two young unidentified women. Although their identities were a mystery, it was obvious that neither was his fiancee, Lala. In fact, as it turned out, Lala was at home in California taking care of their young daughter, Ocean.

Shortly after the photos surfaced online, Lala shared a video to her Instagram Stories showing herself taking Ocean into a hotel room while Beyonce’s song Sorry played over the footage. Not long after, the former couple officially announced their split and Lala has been on the warpath ever since.

However, the tides may be shifting according to a new rumor that recently surfaced, which accused Lala of planning her split from Randall due to completely different circumstances.

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent accused of pre-planning her split from ex-fiance Randall Emmett

According to a claim shared by Bravo and Cocktails, an anonymous source claimed that a former “sugar baby” knew what she was doing leading up to her split from her ex-fiance and accused her of splitting once she realized he may be in financial trouble.

The source didn’t name Lala, but there was no hiding that the blind was aimed in her direction. It also claimed Lala knew of Randall’s affairs and didn’t take issue with any of his behavior until allegations surfaced that he was behind in his child support.

“Her ex fiancé [Randall Emmett] cheating wasn’t a secret,” they claimed. “When his ex wife started going to court for unpaid child support her antenna went up.”

The claim went on to allege Lala constructed the narrative of their breakup by capitalizing on the released photos.

“She was with him for the lifestyle,” they stated. “She’s made it a money maker. Social engagement, spots on shows and podcasts. It’s all happening. Allegedly.”

Lala shared plans to tell Ocean the ‘honest’ truth about Randall when the time is right

Although the rumor alleges Lala was aware of the infidelity happening in her relationship, she has yet to even hint that she had an idea that it was going on. However, Lala recently shared that when the time is right, she plans to have an “honest” conversation about the situation with their daughter, Ocean, when she’s ready and if she has any questions in the future.

“I will explain to my daughter, if she has questions and the time is appropriate, what happened,” Lala shared. “It will be an open conversation- most importantly an honest conversation.”

The hypothetical conversation with Ocean certainly won’t be happening any time soon. Their daughter has yet to celebrate her first birthday, so there should be plenty of time before the need to have that talk.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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