Vanderpump Rules: Peter Madrigal says he ‘never left’ despite Season 9 absence

VPR star Peter Madrigal.
Peter Madrigal recently revealed why he’s been absent from Season 9 of Vanderpump Rules. Pic credit: ©

Peter Madrigal has been an integral part of the Vanderpump Rules cast from the beginning. However, he’s been largely absent from Season 9 and many have been wondering where he’s been.

It turns out that Peter still very much works at SUR, he just hasn’t graced our television screens much this season.

However, in a recent post on social media, Peter explained why he’s been absent despite still working for SUR boss Lisa Vanderpump.

Peter Madrigal explains his Vanderpump Rules Season 9 absence

Over on Twitter, Peter posted a tweet calling Vanderpump Rules fans to catch that night’s episode with him.

“Shall we watch #VanderpumpRules together tonight? Let’s live #tweet and play a #drinking game: every time you think I’m around – but don’t see me on camera, drink. [Winking face emoji] #PumpRules #IreallyworkatSUR,” Peter tweeted.

When a fan pointed out the Vanderpump Rules OG’s absence from the current season, Peter clarified that he’s still at SUR and described why fans haven’t seen more of him this time around.

“I am at SUR working all the time – holiday season is upon us! Bravo shows what they want to, and that’s ok…buying homes & babies = exciting & I’m happy for my friends. But everyone saying OGs are gone or don’t work there isn’t true – I never left. #PumpRules #IreallyworkatSUR,” he responded.

Screenshot from Peter's Twitter.
Pic credit: @LLPJMadrigal/Twitter

Peter has been a part of the Vanderpump Rules cast since its inception back in 2013. And while he joined the cast on various trips throughout the series, he was often found running behind the scenes at SUR.

Despite his smaller role this season, Peter also mentioned that he wouldn’t mind taking part in another Bravo show.

“Hello, I am single and like vacations when not working fulltime at SUR. And, they already have 2 bars. Throw me a fricken bone here…[flushed face emoji] #PumpRules #winterhouse,” Peter tweeted in response to a Vanderpump Rules viewer who questioned why Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz would be invited to participate in Winter House despite both being in committed, long-term relationships.

Screenshot from Peter's Twitter.
Pic credit: @LLPJMadrigal/Twitter

Vanderpump Rules Season 9 reunion set to bring the drama

Although Peter has been absent from Season 9, the remaining cast has been through the wringer when it comes to their personal drama and storylines. And given that filming for the VPR Season 9 reunion has just wrapped, early indications say that there will be plenty of intensity when it finally airs.

As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss are rumored to address ending their engagement during the reunion. When rumors first hit social media, it wasn’t long before the former couple took to their respective Instagram accounts to share a joint statement revealing why they’d chosen to end their engagement.

Additionally, Lala Kent recently opened up about her experience filming the Season 9 VPR reunion and revealed that she left the reunion feeling “isolated.” And it’s no secret that Lala has had a tough ride throughout the current season. She’s continuously butted heads with her co-star Scheana Shay, specifically surrounding Scheana’s relationship with her fiance Brock Davies.

But Lala also managed to find herself at odds once again with Tom Sandoval, too. So, given the drama she’s experienced with her castmates this season, it may come as no surprise that the reunion was difficult for her.

During a recent episode of her Give Them Lala podcast, Lala shared, “I left that reunion feeling not much resolve. I left feeling a bit alone and isolated.”

She continued, “I’ve been on this show for six years. I’ve changed a lot as a person — no one can tell me otherwise. … But after that reunion, I sat back and thought, ‘Is this the space for me anymore or do we need to do some soul-searching?'”

Vanderpump Rules fans will have to wait until the reunion airs to truly see how it all plays out.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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