Vanderpump Rules: Lala Kent reveals plastic surgery plans following split from Randall Emmett

VPR star Lala Kent.
Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent reveals her plans for plastic surgery. Pic credit: Bravo

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent is learning to put herself first again following her split from Randall Emmett. The former couple, who called off their three-year engagement back in October, have all but cut off contact with one another since their split.

Despite sharing their daughter, Ocean, and a commitment to co-parenting, Lala had shared that the two have “little communication” with one another.

And as time passes, Lala seems to be ready to make moves that improve her personal happiness.

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent considers plastic surgery following split from Randall Emmett

Moving into the next chapter of her life as a single mom to her daughter, Lala recently admitted she’s considering plastic surgery and shared she’s already attended a breast implant consultation with a plastic surgeon.

“By the sound of it, it may sound like I’m getting my boobs done for men, but it’s getting my boobs done for me,” she told listeners during the most recent episode of her Give Them Lala podcast.

She continued to explain she’s hoping to regain her pre-pregnancy chest, which she said “were massive and I loved them.”

Lala also discussed whether she was prepared to get back out into the dating pond following her split. And although she can see the appeal in “fine a** men,” she admitted she’s not quite ready to make the leap.

“Mentally, I’m not there [yet]. Once I do get my boobs done, I probably still won’t be there,” she confessed. “But I’m excited for that for me because it’s like the bounce back. There’s nothing hotter than a hot mom.”

Lala admits concerns with intimacy since getting sober

Lala may already be considering how ready and willing she is to get back on the dating scene, but she also acknowledged that her experiences will be different moving forward since she’s gotten sober.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Lala celebrated three years of sobriety last year, and since she had been with Randall during that time, she doesn’t truly have experience in the intimacy department with anyone outside of that relationship.

“I have not had sober sex with a new partner probably since I was 17. I was sober when I lost my virginity, but after that, I’m a drinker, girl,” she said. “But I’ve been sober for over three years and I had the same partner for almost six of those.”

And it seems Lala wasn’t overly impressed with her sex life while in a relationship with Randall. In fact, she said she “couldn’t wait for it [sex] to be over” after she got sober.

“So not only is it that, like, I’m going into new territory where it’s, like, I’m going to be banging it out without an ounce of alcohol in my system. However, I think it’s going to be fun because I’ve been talking to a few people, and I’m like, ‘I f****g got it. I still got it,’” she shared.

Lala also previously opened up about moving on from Randall during an appearance on Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podcast. She shared that shortly after the pictures of Randall out with anonymous women surfaced online, she was informed of a hurtful comment Randall allegedly made about the mother of his child.

“There was a comment made — and I don’t want to say who he made this comment to — but they came to me, and it was after the pictures had been leaked. I was getting my ducks in a row. This person comes to me, and they say, ‘Randall said to me, Lala used to be really fun and kinky and sexy, but, you know, then she got sober,’” Lala said.

Although it’s unknown if the comment was validated, Lala admitted it had a hurtful impact on her.

“And that was like taking a f****g bullet. Being sober is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. No thanks to him. … And to have him say that when he has said to me, ‘If you ever pick up a drink again, we’ll be done,’” she said.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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