Vanderpump Rules: Katie Maloney explains Tom Schwartz recent absence, details most hurtful troll comments

VPR stars Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz.
Vanderpump Rules star Katie Maloney opened up; about the hurtful rumors she’s heard about her husband Tom Schwartz. Pic credit: Bravo

Vanderpump Rules star Katie Maloney recently opened up about her marriage to Tom Schwartz and revealed which troll comments have had the greatest impact on her.

Katie and Tom are no strangers to taking online criticism. After multiple seasons on the hit Bravo show, they know that harsh opinions and unsolicited advice come with the territory. However, they are human and Katie recently admitted that certain negativity weighs heavily on her despite having quite a thick skin.

During a recent episode of her podcast, Katie revealed which comments hurt the most and why insults about her husband cut deep.

Vanderpump Rules star Katie Maloney shares which troll comments hurt the most, why criticism about Tom Schwartz in unwarranted

In the episode of her You’re Gonna Love me podcast, Katie opened up about trolls and discussed their deep impact with her Vanderpump Rules co-star Lala Kent.

Since they star on the same show, Lala was able to empathize with the sort of online hate Katie and Tom have received during the various seasons. However, despite it all, there was one comment in particular that stuck out to Katie and it was the type of rumor that tends to ruin reputations.

“There was speculation that Tom was hooked on heroin,” she shared with her castmate. “[And] that’s just dangerous allegations.”

As it turns out, Katie shared the allegations of drug use began when fans and followers began noticing that Tom seemed largely absent in the couple’s day-to-day lives. While it was true that Tom had been away from home more than usual, the reason for his absence had nothing to do with drugs and everything to do with caring for family.

“Tom has been traveling back to see his dad who’s been in the hospital and really struggling with his health,” Katie explained.

She continued to elaborate that the damaging troll comments instead were “blaming his absence on heavy drug use.”

Katie Maloney dishes on why she and Tom Schwartz didn’t attend Vanderpump Rules Season 9 reunion in person

On another topic in the same podcast episode, Katie dished on why she and Tom had been absent from the Season 9 reunion taping for Vanderpump Rules. There were certain theories thrown around, however, Katie cleared the air and shared that it was because she had contracted COVID-19 just prior to filming the reunion.

“Unfortunately I had COVID[-19],” Katie shared.

To make matters worse, Katie had tested negative just two days prior to inviting Lala over to do their nails. Shortly after their get-together, Katie shared that she was feeling under the weather and had a feeling it wasn’t going to be a good situation.

“That evening I just started to not feel too well. And I was like, ‘F**k. Everything is just telling me that this is not looking good,” she said.

After finally receiving her positive COVID-19 test, and due to it being so close to the reunion taping, Katie, Tom, and Lala were all required to quarantine and avoid attending the reunion in person.

Katie also shared that her symptoms during the day of filming were terrible and were ultimately the reason why she seemed disconnected throughout the episodes.

Thankfully, both Katie and Lala have since made a full recovery.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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