Vanderpump Rules fans think Raquel hinted at affair months ago with ‘Tom’s future girl’ caption

Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval
Fans are diving into Raquel’s Instagram and finding clues from months ago. Pic credit: @raquelleviss/Instagram

The FBI works hard, but a Vanderpump Rules fan looking for past clues of Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval’s affair works harder.

Among the breaking news that Tom cheated on his girlfriend of nearly a decade, Ariana Madix, with their friend and costar Raquel, Bravo fans deeply invested in the “Scandoval” have been doing a bit of deep diving into Raquel’s active Instagram page.

Some noticed a post of Raquel’s from November, in which the former beauty queen posed in a satin cutout dress.

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While it may have been all about her look, the caption, seemingly harmless at the time, has surely turned some heads amid the revelation.

“Not sure what to caption this so here’s three emojis ???,” Raquel wrote alongside the photo.

Many fans have taken to the comments to note that the emojis in her caption could have stood for “Tom’s future girl.”

Vanderpump Rules fans think Raquel Leviss hinted at her affair with Tom Sandoval

For reference, it was recently discovered that Tom and Raquel were both seen wearing lightning bolt necklaces over the past few months — seemingly matching to acknowledge their sneaky rendez-vous.

So, that explains why she would use the “lightning from a cloud” emoji to reference Tom, as it seems he would have been the only one to have known what it stood for.

The crystal ball could clearly mean “future,” and of course, the last emoji is clearly used to identify a “girl.”

While it seems baffling that Raquel and Tom would be sending these secret, subliminal messages to each other on a public forum, many fans definitely wouldn’t put it past them.

Fans speculate Raquel wrote ‘Tom’s future girl’ in her caption

Fans have since gone back to her post from November, showing that they are “mindblown” by the realization of what the emojis could’ve meant.

Comments on Raquel's post
Pic credit: @raquelleviss/Instagram

Some were able to make the connection of the first emoji, claiming that “Lightning was her code for ‘love you’ between Tom and her.”

Comment on Raquel's post
Pic credit: @raquelleviss/Instagram

It’s surely been a party in the comments section, with Scandoval spies going back and forth between whether or not she could’ve had her followers fooled all along.

Comments on Raquel's post
Pic credit: @raquelleviss/Instagram

While we’ve heard from Raquel a bit since news of the cheating scandal broke last week, both with her restraining order against Scheana Shay and her public statements on Instagram, it seems rare that she would actually acknowledge the caption at this time.

But fans can still speculate and put all the possible clues together in the meantime. And if there’s one thing about Bravo fans — they will.

What’s next for Vanderpump Rules since the ‘Scandoval?’

It’s been an exhausting week for fellow Vanderpump Rules cast mates and viewers, and things are only going to heat up more as new footage will be shown, most likely at the end of this current season.

As Season 10 is currently airing on the hit reality network, fans are watching single Raquel navigate her dating life while attempting to pursue a make-out sesh with newly-divorced Tom Schwartz.

However, Raquel and Tom Sandoval’s affair has been going on for roughly seven months, so it seems that the two may have already been in cahoots upon filming Season 10 last year — making Tom Schwartz a possible decoy.

Now that Bravo has confirmed it has picked the cameras back up to capture the fallout in real-time, viewers can most likely expect to see a good chunk of raw, unedited, and emotional footage from the cast at the end of the season.

However, the Season 10 cast will be filming the reunion in two weeks, which should be interesting — especially since Raquel currently has a restraining order against Scheana Shay, legally forcing Scheana to stay 100 yards from her.

Stay tuned!

Vanderpump Rules airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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