Usman Umar takes aim at Angela Deem, calls her ‘biggest scammer I’ve ever seen’ amid Michael Ilesanmi breakup

Angela Deem, Usman Umar, and Michael Ilesanmi
Usman Umar threw shade at Angela Deem as their feud continued over her relationship and breakup from Michael Ilesanmi. Pic credit: TLC

The battle rages on between 90 Day Fiance alums Usman Umar and Angela Deem amid Angela’s nasty breakup from Michael Ilesanmi. Usman launched an Instagram Live video where he took aim at Angela’s treatment of Michael and spoke out in defense of his new friend.

Usman and Angela’s feud started after Usman posted a picture and video of himself and Michael together in Nigeria and tagged Michael’s Instagram handle since he came out of dormancy on there. Angela re-shared the image of Michael and Usman and made fun of them by calling them “birds of a feather” and by putting a laughing/crying emoji over Michael’s face.

Usman fired back by Angela by calling her a scammer and defending Michael.

Shortly after their social media altercation, Usman recorded the Instagram Live, where he called Angela “The biggest scammer I have ever seen.”

Usman Umar threw shade at Angela Deem amid breakup from Michael Ilesanmi

In the more than 13-minute-long Instagram Live, Usman spoke out against Angela Deem’s shady behavior, the missed opportunities Michael had to make money on social media, and urged fans to give Michael their support.

Usman began by saying how he was able to connect with Michael and then said, “After we snapped the picture and the video he was like ‘you know what don’t post it'” and after Usman asked why he said Michael answered, “You know my woman is not cool like you know for me being on social media like that.”

Michael’s standpoint rubbed Usman the wrong way, and he went on to talk about all the financial opportunities that social media and Cameo have afforded him. He said he didn’t like that Michael was missing out on all that while Angela was able to have a thriving social platform where she makes money.

He remarked, “Michael has been on the show for over five years and this guy, I’m pretty sure, that he’s not making much. Does it sound any way normal for a couple, one [person] of the couple, she give the other one instruction that you shouldn’t be on social media?”

Usman Umar's Instagram Live
Usman vented about Angela via Instagram Live. Pic credit: @sojaboy_90days/Instagram

Usman went on to talk about his offense over Angela calling him a scammer in the past and how upset he was that Angela called him and Michael “birds of a feather.” He made a statement seemingly towards Angela when he said, “You are the biggest scammer I’ve ever seen in my whole life.”

He said, “You are the one who has been using this guy since 2018. Since 2018 you’ve been recording with this guy, and he let the world understand that the only thing he wants is to come to the United States. Why can’t you do it? If you really love him.”

Usman then talked about Angela’s shady criminal past as a reason for Michael not coming to America. He brought up her lewd behavior when she pulled out her boobs during the Happily Ever After? Tell All for Season 6. He jabbed, “I don’t know if you know about something called shame.”

Usman made it clear that he wasn’t saying Michael and Angela broke up and that Michael said he was still married to Angela.

Usman finished his monologue by saying, “Calling me a scammer is the biggest mistake. Calling Michael a scammer that one is cheating, you calling Michael a scammer is cheating.”

Usman Umar and Angela Deem have a history of bad blood

Angela Deem went off on Usman during Season 1 of 90 Day Bares All, which aired in March 2021, when Michael’s visa was denied.

Angela blamed Usman for the denial because she felt his profiting and notoriety from his relationship with Baby Girl Lisa Hamme gave Nigerians a lousy reputation. She called him a “scammer” and said he was “full of s**t.”

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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Brenda A White
Brenda A White
2 years ago

I am not a fan of Usman but he is right on point about Angela. She is a huge scammer who now has her daughter earning money, she has moved into a house and had multiple surgeries which cost a lot and Michael can’t even have friends. He needs to know that Angela doesn’t want him to move to the USA. She will need to financially support him and she has a better chance of meeting another guy if he isn’t here. Michael needs to wake up and do for himself. Usman doesn’t have anything to do with Nigeria’s reputation. It was before his time.