Tyra Banks defends Olivia Jade’s inclusion on Dancing With the Stars

Tyra Banks on Dancing With the Stars
Tyra Banks on Dancing With the Stars. Pic credit: ABC

There is always someone on Dancing With the Stars that causes people to protest in anger.

Whether it is someone from the world of politics like Sean Spicer or someone who was recently involved in a massive scandal, like this season’s Olivia Jade, there is always someone people will argue about.

Someone who knows a lot about this topic, host Tyra Banks, explained why Olivia Jade and others belong on the show.

Tyra Banks defends Olivia Jade on DWTS

People protested Tyra Banks taking over as host on Dancing With the Stars last season, and the complaints are still there this year.

There are a lot of people who want Tom Bergeron back and feel that Tyra Banks makes the show all about her when she should just host and allow the dancers to take the center stage.

Banks has heard it all, and that made it easy for her to take up for Olivia Jade amidst the people protesting her appearance on DWTS.

“I think Olivia is so brave. I think people don’t know her, they know what happened to her,” Tyra said to Entertainment Tonight.

“She has said that she did not know about what was going on and it’s really sad, and it’s very hurtful when something publicly happens but you had nothing to do with it. So I trust that she says she didn’t know.”

Olivia Jade’s parents, Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli, received prison time for the College Admissions Scandal. This was made even bigger when Netflix had a true-crime documentary about the entire ordeal.

Olivia Jade lost sponsorship deals as a social media influencer because of it and she ended up leaving college as a result.

Olivia Jade now says she wants to show people a new face and that DWTS offers her that opportunity.

Tyra Banks on what makes a person a DWTS candidate

Very few people on Dancing With the Stars is a major current celebrity.

This season there are a few, including current WWE wrestler The Miz, pop star sensation JoJo Siwa, and Olympic gold medal winner Suni Lee.

However, all it takes to be on the show is being a “star” in the eyes of the public.

“We are in a whole different world and celebrity has taken a turn and a change,” Banks said. “If people are talking about you, you’re famous. And you can be on Dancing With the Stars.”

That is why Sean Spicer was on the show, and Tyra Banks believes that is why Olivia Jade deserves the spot as well.

Dancing With the Stars Season 30 premieres Monday, September 20, at 8/7c on ABC.

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