Tyler Norris teases the most shocking moments from upcoming Bachelor in Paradise reunion

Tyler Norris
Tyler Norris shares details from the highly anticipated Bachelor in Paradise reunion episode. Pic credit: ABC

As the upcoming Bachelor in Paradise reunion already has viewers waiting in excitement, current contestant Tyler Norris has just chimed in to tease fans even more about what’s to come.

With only a few episodes left of this season, spoilers have already been circling the internet on what will happen to the many relationships that have formed on the beach so far.

While there are a few couples who appear to be on the road to a proposal, Paradise history has shown that things can change on a dime — and Tyler Norris has swooped in to give us a bit of insight.

Tyler entered Paradise a few episodes ago as one of the new men to appear during the show’s first-ever “Split Week.”

Although he initially went on a date with Shanae Ankney, he and contestant Brittany Galvin sparked up a connection and have seemingly been going strong over the past few episodes.

Since Paradise was filmed back in June, viewers have to wait until the upcoming reunion to get all the tea on the couples’ current relationship statuses.

However, Tyler did reveal which contestants fans will be the most shocked to learn about when that episode airs.

Tyler Norris names top three Bachelor in Paradise contestants with most shocking storyline

In a recent Bachelor Happy Hour podcast episode, Tyler name-dropped the three BIP contestants that viewers will be shocked to hear from — Victoria Fuller, Kira Mengistu, and even his current love interest, Brittany.

“So the women have a lot to say is what you’re telling us,” host Bryan Abasolo joked.

Fans have already been curious as to whether or not Tyler and Brittany are still together, and now with this revelation, it seems as if there may be a whole lot more to see on their love journey.

When it comes to the other girls, however, the last that Paradise viewers saw of Kira was her return to the beach after getting eliminated. After successfully getting Romeo to leave the show with her, seemingly against his will, their relationship is sure to be addressed during the reunion.

For Victoria, her relationship with Johnny DePhillipo will most definitely be a major focus during the reunion — especially after it has been basically confirmed that she is now dating former Bachelorette contestant Greg Grippo.

Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo are said to be dating

Since Victoria and Johnny seem to be headed toward a proposal at the end of the current season, it has been a bit shocking to see that she has sparked a relationship with Greg since filming the show.

However, after being spotted in Italy together and Greg deleting a flirty comment on her Instagram video, it has been speculated that the two are indeed a couple.

Former Bachelor Nick Viall stirred the pot further by posting a TikTok that showed Victoria giving Greg a kiss on the cheek, where he even wrote the comment “Soft launch” to solidify the point of the video.

With so many unanswered questions this season, the BIP reunion is sure to be one for the books.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays & Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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