Tyler Cameron in zebra pants vogues shirtless

Tyler Cameron
Tyler Cameron rocks an eye-catching ensemble. Pic credit: @tylerjcameron3/Instagram

Tyler Cameron kicked off the week with some flavor and flair as he showed off his moves. 

The Bachelor Nation superstar strutted his stuff in a loud ensemble while showing off his signature abs. 

Tyler’s video delighted fans, gaining hundreds of likes in just a matter of hours. 

Since becoming a fan favorite on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, Tyler has amassed a giant following across various social media platforms. 

Tyler is the most followed Bachelor Nation man on Instagram with 2.2 million followers, and he also boasts 944.4k followers on TikTok. 

Tyler often uses his social media to promote brands and his podcast, The Everybody But Me Show.

However, Tyler’s latest video saw him taking a break from the podcast promotion to do a bit of voguing. 

Tyler Cameron has fierce moves in bold pants 

Tyler Cameron took to TikTok to capture the exuberant way he’d be entering this week. 

In his video, music played while the Bachelor Nation star confidently opened a door and flung up his arms.

Tyler wore a pair of black and white zebra print pants and an unbuttoned flowy shirt in a red and blue pattern. 

He proceeded to do a bit of a catwalk as he strutted toward the camera and waved his arms up and down while showing off his toned abs. 

As he got closer to the camera, Tyler even demonstrated some vogue dance moves before walking off. 

Tyler captioned the post, “Walking into the week like.” 

Tyler’s followers loved the video and took to the comments to sing Tyler’s praises. 

One fan wrote, “it looks so beautiful,” while another exclaimed, ‘LIKE A BOSS…!!!!!!!!!!!” 

A seemingly concerned commenter questioned, “tyler r u ok.” 

Meanwhile, other more complimentary comments included, “The pants are 11/10!” “Werk it bb,” and “Living in your world.” 

Tyler Cameron's comment section
Pic credit: @tylerjcameron3/TikTok

Tyler Cameron details his most painful moment of rejection

Recently, Tyler shared a clip from his podcast where he was asked about the most painful rejection he’s ever experienced. 

Tyler said his answer popped up right away, and it was the moment when Hannah Brown broke up with him on The Bachelorette Season 15 when he was about to propose to her. 

The Bachelorette viewers will recall Tyler was the runner-up on Hannah’s season, as Hannah shocked Tyler and viewers by choosing to get engaged to Jed Wyatt instead. 

Tyler opened up about crying and bawling his eyes out after experiencing that rejection from Hannah, largely because he felt it reflected several times in his life when he came close to achieving what he wanted only to be let down. 


Check out the full episode 19 of The Everybody But Me Show with @Yats Palat up on my Youtube page now . . . Tune in live with us every Tuesday at 6pm EST on @onamp for The Everybody But Me Show

♬ original sound – Tyler Cameron

Fortunately, after that tough breakup, Tyler was able to bounce back, and he now continues to thrive in his current endeavors. 

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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