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Tyler Cameron and The Bachelor star Matt James get a Brazilian bikini wax for Tyler’s YouTube channel

Tyler Cameron
Tyler Cameron and Matt James go for a wax. Pic credit: Tyler Cameron/YouTube

The Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron launched a YouTube channel during the shutdown.

He launched his channel to communicate with Bachelorette fans in a different way that didn’t link him to the platform.

Tyler wanted fans to know him for something else other than the reality television show where he almost got engaged to Hannah Brown.

So far, his friends have helped him create content for the videos and this week was no exception.

This week, Tyler and Matt James, the current Bachelor lead, decided to film themselves get a Brazilian wax.

Tyler Cameron got waxed with Matt James for his YouTube channel

Tyler shared the video on his YouTube channel this week but it appears the video was filmed a few weeks ago.

Tyler started the channel while Matt was away filming The Bachelor, and since Matt is appearing in the video, this waxing took place between Christmas and now.

During their treatment, the guys are caught screaming, clearly feeling very uncomfortable during the entire experience.

You can watch the video in its entirety below.

Even Tyler’s friend, Brown Bear, joined in on the fun. He was clearly not digging the entire experience. In fact, he was giggling because he was so scared.

Tyler Cameron isn’t saying if he’s dating

While Tyler is willing to share his Brazilian wax experience with his friends, he’s not opening up about whether he’s dating anyone right now.

Even though Tyler isn’t saying anything, he was supposedly spotted kissing Camila Kendra last week in New Hampshire.

Tyler and Camila reportedly drove together from Florida to New York City to visit Matt James in New York. Tyler watched The Bachelor premiere with Matt and Matt’s mom in his Manhattan apartment. There was another person with them there that night, and it could have been Camila.

Tyler was spotted unpacking a car in New York last weekend with Camila. The two were flirting while unloading their car. Tyler and Camila never responded to reports that they were together and Camila was initially identified as model Ireland Borba.

And while Tyler is supposedly moving ahead with a new model, The Bachelorette fans are wondering whether Tyler and Hannah are done for good.

Matt James has revealed that he doesn’t know whether Tyler and Hannah Brown will get back together. He shared that Tyler and Hanna would be the best people to share that information.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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