Tyler Baltierra defends wife Catelynn after Teen Mom critic fat-shames her to ‘get on that treadmill’

Tyler Baltierra IG selfie April 2021
Tyler snaps a selfie to share his poetry with his fans. Pic credit: @tylerbaltierramtv/Instagram

Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierria put a troll in their place after they made disparaging remarks about his wife, Catelynn Baltierra.

Anyone following Tyler on social media knows that the MTV star has been working hard to transform his physique.

Tyler has remained diligent about his fitness goals and recently headed to Instagram to show off his gains.

The 31-year-old father of four shared photos dated one year apart, highlighting his more muscular frame in identically-posed images taken in July 2022 and July 2023, respectively.

Along with a couple of close-up shots of his new and improved muscle mass, Tyler wrote in his caption that he still has a “long way to go” to achieve his end goal.

Tyler told his followers that he posted the progress pics to document “where I started, how far I’ve come, & why I keep putting in the work!”

Teen Mom critic says Tyler Baltierra will ‘outgrow’ Catelynn Baltierra

Nearly 62,000 of Tyler’s fans and followers liked the post, and thousands more headed to the comments. Most of Tyler’s fans gushed over his body, but one comment in particular caught Tyler’s attention because instead, it focused on his wife Catelynn’s appearance.

The hateful comment came from a troll who tagged Catelynn’s IG handle and wrote, “girl get on that treadmill cuz if u think ur lifestyles will always sync ur sadly mistaken.”

“One day he will look at u n will outgrow u,” the comment continued. “Your on 2 different paths, i hope u remember this message. WAKE UP n get healthier.”

Tyler obviously didn’t take well to the commenter bashing his wife, and he clapped back, sharing a screenshot of his lengthy response in his Instagram Stories.

Tyler defends Catelynn and tells the critic, ‘Don’t you dare!’

The reality TV star returned fire, writing, “Whoa hold up, absolutely NOT! She doesn’t need a damn treadmill for her body to be desirable to me or for our lives to be in ‘sync,’ are you fr right now!?”

tyler baltierra defended his wife catelynn baltierra against a troll in his instagram stories
Tyler came to his wife Catelynn’s defense after a troll fat-shamed her online. Pic credit: @tylerbaltierramtv/Instagram

Catelynn’s husband went on to note that her body birthed their four children — daughters Carly, Nova, Vaeda, and Rya — and has been with him through everything, fighting through “hell & back” to become the wife and woman she is.

Tyler also mentioned that Catelynn’s body has held him “like a baby” during his toughest times.

“So DON’T YOU DARE tell my wife that she needs to do with her body so I don’t ‘outgrow’ her,” Tyler warned.

He told his followers that the world needs more “kindness, compassion, & understanding…not irrelevant opinions” and suggested that the critics “choose to be better!”

Below a screenshot of his comment from his Instagram post, Tyler added that anyone who shares the critic’s way of thinking should unfollow him.

“If you don’t support my wife, then you don’t support me & I don’t want you here!” Tyler fired back.

Tyler has previously spoken negatively about Catelynn’s body

Although Tyler defended his wife this time, he did make a remark during a Season 6 episode of Teen Mom OG aimed at Catelynn’s weight.

When Catelynn mentioned joining Weight Watchers to drop some pounds, Tyler said, “Obviously, I don’t want no heifer for a wife.”

Tyler didn’t back down from his statement, even after MTV’s producers called him out.

“I’m being honest!” Tyler said. “Would you want to be married to some big heifer?! I don’t want to be married to some heifer!”

Season 2 of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

All episodes of Teen Mom are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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