Twitter had LOTS to say about the Below Deck Mediterranean reunion

Hannah Ferrier looking annoyed during the Below Deck Mediterranean reunion
The face says it all: Hannah listens to Bugsy during the Below Deck Mediterranean reunion

The first ever Below Deck Mediterranean reunion aired last night — and Twitter had more than a thing or two to say about it.

The show’s cast have been super-active on social media this season, with several big public arguments including one epic 16-hour Twitter spat.

So it was only right that the social networking site was the platform that people took to to voice their opinions about the Watch What Happens Lives reunion.

Anyone who’s been watching knows that Season 2 of the Bravo show was full of high-drama, including everything from a love triangle to “tonsil-hockey” — Hannah Ferrier’s own words — with charter guests.

So fans were pretty excited for the reunion…

Some had also obviously been watching too many Below Deck Med episodes in the lead-up.

The love triangle between Malia, Adam and Wes took center stage at the end of Season 2, so it was obviously a hot topic.

Host Andy Cohen asked Adam whether he still loved Malia, something which Adam denied.

And he dug deep when asking what lots of people wanted to know — whether Adam and Malia had had sex when they had their little fling before joining the show.

The answer was a ‘no’ from both sides, but Andy wasn’t totally convinced by their response. And neither was Twitter…

Meanwhile, Kate Chastain — Chief Stew on the past four seasons of Below Deck — also joined the Twitter love-in, weighing in about Bobby Giancola’s texts which he said would expose Hannah and Lauren Cohen’s “lies”.

But at least Bobby doesn’t back down just to make himself look like a good guy…

Meanwhile, lots of fans seemed to be on Hannah’s side despite her various feuds during the season.

While Bugsy got quite a bit of stick:

But some fans came to her defence…

Meanwhile, others were just bummed that there weren’t more fights and people pulling each other’s hair out during the reunion.

And just listening to everyone talk was a little too much for some…

Despite the high drama, it seems there was enough of it for Hannah…

And some fans could see why…

That’s all for this season of Below Deck Med, folks. Below Deck starts September 5 at 9/8c on Bravo!

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