Twins Emily and Haley Ferguson celebrate a joint bachelorette party in Las Vegas

Haley & Emily Ferguson
Haley and Emily Ferguson celebrate their bachelorette parties together. Pic credit: ABC

Emily and Haley Ferguson, former contestants from Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor, and various seasons of Bachelor in Paradise, never found love through The Bachelor franchise.

However, the two women have found love elsewhere and are currently engaged, both to professional hockey players nonetheless. Emily is engaged to William Karlsson, who plays in the NHL for the Vegas Golden Knights, and Haley is engaged to Oula Palve, who plays in the Swedish Hockey league.

Why did Emily and Haley Ferguson opt to have their bachelorette parties together?

Not only are Emily and Haley both getting married in this calendar year, but because they have all of the same girlfriends, they decided to have their bachelorette party together too.

The women, when asked why they hosted a joint bachelorette party, replied with, “We have the same group of friends and since we are so close, we wanted to celebrate this part of our lives together and just enjoy doing life together…It’s been so fun to be able to share these once in a lifetime experiences as best friends and sisters.”

Emily, Haley, their bridesmaids, and about twenty other friends, celebrated their bachelorette party in their hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. The women booked a suite in part of the LXR Hotels & Resorts for themselves and their six bridesmaids.

What did the women do in Las Vegas for the bachelorette party?

The twins’ bachelorette party itinerary included bridal party gifts, dinner at Carversteak, and a Luke Bryan concert. Not only did they attend the concert, but the group of women were personally greeted by Luke himself.

After the concert, the ladies had an after party at Dawg House, where they danced and drank before heading back to their rooms to play some party games and dance some more until 2 a.m.

After their late night, the group took Saturday morning to pamper themselves at the spa, before heading to get blowouts at the salon. They then visited an adult entertainment store before heading to dinner, karaoke, and eventually a night club.

They stayed at the Zouk nightclub late into the night/early morning, where a table was reserved for the party, complete with bottle service and a live performance by DJ Snake.

The countdown to the weddings is on

While they did invite two Bachelor Nation alums, Lauren (Bushnell) Lane and Amanda Stanton to join them, neither woman could attend, but the twins did say both would be at their weddings later in the year.

Obviously, Emily, Haley, and their friends packed in a lot of fun events for their bachelorette party in Vegas. Both girls stated they “are counting down the days until they get to walk down the aisle.” Those days will be coming soon as both of their wedding dates are less than six months away.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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