Top 10 most memorable Clare Crawley moments

Clare Crawley in her most memorable Bachelor franchise moments
Clare Crawley has had some very memorable moments throughout her time on The Bachelor franchise. Pic credit: ABC

Clare Crawley has been a main staple on The Bachelor franchise for years; she’s the pumpkin pie to the Bachelor Nation Thanksgiving table. Or, she’s just the female Chris Bukowski who continues to pop up on every season and spin-off of The Bachelor.

After many years of broken engagements, drama, tears and conversations with raccoons, Clare was finally named The Bachelorette. That means some Bachelor producer was tasked with coming up with the phrase “looking for CLARE-ity.” Get it?

Throughout her Bachelor franchise career, Clare has given us many memorable moments, of which we will take a look back on.

1. Clare meets Juan Pablo Galavis while fake pregnant

Juan Pablo Galavis in a suit touching Clare Crawley's pregnant belly
Juan Pablo Galavis puts his hand on Clare Crawley’s fake pregnant belly on night one of The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

In the real world, and by real world we mean outside The Bachelor mansion, meeting a guy you want to date while wearing a fake baby bump probably isn’t going to get you very far.

Other advice to note: no fake wedding rings, showing up in a wedding dress or professing your love within the first three minutes of your date.

Clare Crawley showed up with a fake baby bump when she met Juan Pablo Galavis for the first time. Apparently, he likes that sort of thing though, because Clare still made it to the final two. That was the first, but certainly not the last cringe-worthy Clare Crawley moment in The Bachelor franchise.

2. Clare tells off Juan Pablo Galavis

Clare Crawley yells at Juan Pablo while wearing a blue dress during The Bachelor finale
Juan Pablo Galavis sends home Clare Crawley during the final rose ceremony on The Bachelor and she lashes out at him. Pic credit: ABC

The Juan Pablo Galavis final rose ceremony was one of the most uncomfortable Bachelor moments viewers have had to endure.

From the condescending way he told Clare, “I’m going to have to say goodbye,” to Clare stopping him mid-hug, Bachelor Nation lives for these moments.

The most memorable part of the whole rose ceremony was Clare strutting away angrily, and hitting Juan Pablo (a guy who has a daughter) with this line,” I would never want my children having a father like you.”

Juan Pablo followed that up with, “Whoo! Glad I didn’t pick her!” It was all very elementary school, yelling, “You’re a doody head!” on the playground.

The ever-chivalrous Chris Harrison was there to take Clare’s arm and walk her towards a long career in the Bachelor franchise.

3. Clare quits Bachelor in Paradise

Clare Crawley stands in a yellow dress holding a drink next to two other contestants on Bachelor in Paradise
Clare Crawley holds a drink and stands next to other contestants on the season one premiere of Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Clare Crawley is a seasoned Bachelor Nation veteran, and this is obvious in the fact that she appeared on the first season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Her stint on the spin-off didn’t exactly lead to the love story Clare was hoping for. She went on a date with Robert Graham though things fizzled out, and things ran hot and cold with Zack Kalter.

The real drama, as usual, was between Clare and the other girls who wouldn’t stop talking about her skinny dipping sesh with Juan Pablo Galavis while she was on The Bachelor.

It came off as super hypocritical of the girls, considering the fact that they’re on a reality dating show, and the slut-shaming was palpable.

After AshLee Frazier told Zack she thought Clare was cuckoo, she was done. Clare packed up her bikinis and went home.

4. Clare gets eliminated on Bachelor in Paradise

Clare Crawley sits in front of Jared Haibon on a sail boat in the water
Clare Crawley and Jared Haibon sit on a sailboat during their date on Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Clare returned to the beach in Mexico on Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise, clearly not done looking for love. She went on an uncomfortable tantric yoga date with Mikey Tenerelli (you just can’t make this stuff up) and later on a bungee jumping date with Jared Haibon.

Of course, this led to an argument with none other than Ashley Iaconetti (his now wife) who looked like she made voodoo dolls out of every girl Jared so much as glanced at.

Unfortunately for Clare, she was once again left out in the cold (which is pretty hard when you’re on a sweaty beach in Mexico) and got eliminated during the rose ceremony.

5. Clare has a conversation with a raccoon

Clare Crawley sits with her head in her hands looking upset on Bachelor in Paradise
Bachelor producers made it look as if Clare Crawley was talking to a raccoon when she was upset on Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor producers did Clare dirty during the second season of Bachelor in Paradise. After an argument with Ashley Iaconetti, Clare was clearly venting to a producer. Rather than show this, it was made to look like she was talking to a raccoon.

Somehow, Clare still continued to appear in the Bachelor franchise, despite this obvious violation of privacy (they pretty much made her look insane and pathetic.)

Poor Clare sat there talking about not wanting drama and her fire ant bites (why do they make these people stay in what is clearly an outdoor tree house?) while a raccoon listened intently.

It wasn’t her finest moment. At least they gave Clare The Bachelorette title; perhaps that was to make up for her embarrassment?

6. Clare was in a love triangle on The Bachelor: Winter Games

Clare Crawley sits at a table laughing and having a drink with Christian Rauch and Benoit
Clare Crawley sits at a table with Christian and Benoit on The Bachelor: Winter Games. Pic credit: ABC

Clare was not the most popular contestant on The Bachelor: Winter Games and social media was full of criticism of her behavior.

After Bachelor in Paradise, Clare claimed she was retiring from the franchise for good, that is, until winter sports became involved.

Clare found herself in an international love triangle dating German contestant Christian Rauch and Canadian Benoit Beausejour-Savard.

In the end, Clare ran hot and cold with Benoit, who eventually left after she wouldn’t commit to him. It wasn’t a good look for her, especially considering the fact that Benoit was the Canadian equivalent of an innocent puppy with his soft-spoken nature and obvious affection for Clare.

7. Clare gets engaged to Benoit Beausejour-Savard

Benoit proposes to Clare Crawley during the live After the Final Rose taping
Benoit proposes to Clare Crawley during the live taping of After the Final Rose. Pic credit: ABC

Before Dale Moss came along and made Bachelor Nation tired of hearing his name, Benoit Beausejour-Savard was proposing to Clare (and making us incredibly nervous at having to pronounce his name.)

On The Bachelor: Winter Games, Benoit went home devastated after Clare just wouldn’t commit (or she just wanted to have her German cake and eat the French croissant too.)

The pair parted ways until After the Final Rose when viewers found out they got together after filming wrapped. Benoit proposed on live television (most likely to get the free engagement ring) and Clare happily accepted.

Unfortunately, they split just a couple of months later.

8. Clare is introduced as The Bachelorette

Clare Crawley in a gray dress holding a rose surrounded by smoke
Clare Crawley is introduced as the next Bachelorette on Good Morning America. Pic credit: ABC

It’s the pinnacle of every Bachelor franchise career: snagging the role of Bachelor or Bachelorette. Clare Crawley waited years, went on many mediocre dates, had an engagement, got dumped during a finale, and did pretty much everything a contestant can do on the show; there was nothing left except becoming The Bachelorette or retiring into obscurity.

Clare was introduced on Good Morning America, leaving many viewers thrilled that we finally had an age-appropriate Bachelorette.

Clare talked about looking for a guy who would take off his body armor (or look super good in it, as is the case with Dale Moss) and open up to her. Apparently, she’s really into vulnerability, as long as it’s in front of the cameras.

9. Yosef Aborady tells Clare off

Clare Crawley in a white dress pointing her finger at Yosef Aborady as she stands over him
Clare Crawley stands up for herself after Yosef Aborady verbally attacked her on The Bachelorette. Pic credit: ABC

Yosef Aborady, a contestant on Clare’s (half) season of The Bachelorette, clearly doesn’t know what women want to hear.

During a cocktail party, he pulled Clare aside to lecture her on how “classless” and “disrespectful” he thought she was.

In a verbal attack, he continued on for what seemed like hours, and even had the nerve to tell Clare not to interrupt him while he spouted off all the things he didn’t like about her.

In the end, he and Clare stormed off, with Yosef yelling he “expected more from the oldest Bachelorette.” Wow, get your cringe face ready for that one.

The pair even screamed at each other that they wouldn’t want their children having a mother or father like the other.

Juan Pablo is looking pretty good in comparison, to be honest.

10. Clare gets engaged to Dale Moss

Dale Moss proposes to Clare Crawley as she stands over him in a white dress with her hands over her mouth
Dale Moss proposes to Clare Crawley just a couple of weeks into The Bachelorette season. Pic credit: ABC

The moment Clare Crawley had been waiting for: she found her future husband. Though, if it were up to Bachelor producers she would have found him in two months, rather than two weeks.

The second Dale stepped out of the limo, Clare decided she had found her husband, and Chris Harrison pulled that famous meme face. And, really, who can blame her? When you compare Dale to a guy who laughs like Seth Rogen or Yosef, it’s easy to see why she chose him.

The pair got engaged after a literal hot minute and are apparently still going strong. Will they fall into the Bachelor curse and break up or will we see Clare hearts Dale napkins at their wedding reception in the future?

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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