Too Hot to Handle winner Jawahir Khalifa stuns in a strapless dress

Jawahir Khalifa gazes into the camera.
Jawahir Khalifa was gorgeous in a strapless dress. Pic credit: @jawahirkhalifa/Instagram

Too Hot to Handle star Jawahir Khalifa was glowing in a black strapless dress.

Jawahir won the latest season of Too Hot to Handle, alongside Nick Kici. Despite the two breaking many rules, the two shared a whirlwind romance that had fans reeling.

Nick and Jawahir were crazy about each other by the time they left Too Hot to Handle with the $89,000 prize. After the show, they spent months traveling around the world together.

Unfortunately, the two have called it quits due to their lives going down different paths, but they remain good friends.

Jawahir has reported that she’s excited to go on a journey toward self-love.

She seems to be doing great, and she posted a daring look in a strapless black dress that had her looking like a goddess.

Jawahir Khalifa is lovely in a black dress

The dress was skintight and showed off the star’s hourglass figure and sculpted shoulders. She accessorized with colorful earrings, a couple of shiny bracelets, and a ring.

Her nails were long and a freshly manicured light pink. Her long locks flowed in soft waves over her shoulders and down her back.

The reality TV star had classically beautiful makeup with glossed lips, shimmery eyeshadow, and long eyelashes.

Jawahir is the type to never go out of style, and it seems that her taste in fashion won’t either. Her overall look was glamorous and regal all at once.

Jawahir captioned her post, “Once a rule breaker always a…..” The two images earned over 12,000 likes in under three hours.

Jawahir Khalifa plans to break into modeling and acting

Fans of Too Hot to Handle have been dying to know what’s been going on with Jawahir, and luckily she was a guest on Reality with Will Njobvu to share just that.

The winner of Season 4 sat down with Will to sip tea and to open up about her time on the show and afterward. She shared about her time traveling with Nick, and also about their decision to split.

Jawahir stated that she and Nick were on two separate paths, as he wanted to be based in the U.S. and she wanted to see where her career would lead her.

While it’s unfortunate that the two didn’t stay together, it certainly seems as though the world has opened up for Jawahir. She seemed very excited to try out acting and to go further into modeling.

She explained to Will that she isn’t looking for love with anyone at the moment, but wants to practice self-love as she goes after her dreams.

Too Hot to Handle is available to stream on Netflix.

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