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Too Hot to Handle star turned down chance to appear on Love Island USA

Holly Scarfone from Too Hot to Handle
Holly Scarfone from Too Hot to Handle. Pic credit: Netflix

One of the breakout stars on Too Hot to Handle Season 3 was Holly Scarfone, and it turns out that this was her second chance at a dating reality show.

Holly had a chance to compete on Love Island USA before this, and she turned down the chance.

Holly spoke to Digital Spy about why she turned down the chance to appear on Love Island USA.

Holly Scarfone rejected a chance to appear on Love Island USA

Holly Scarfone piqued fans’ attention on Too Hot to Handle, especially when she cost the cast a lot of money by breaking the no kissing rule on the show.

However, she had a chance to appear on a show that encouraged kissing with Love Island USA.

In her interview with Digital Spy, Holly said that she was approached to do Love Island USA for the first season.

“I respectfully declined,” Holly said. “I couldn’t imagine myself on a reality show, believe it or not. This one kind of came and fell into my lap, and I was just in the headspace of ‘why not?’ Right? Like you live once, experience life and here I am.”

She admitted that she was 20 at the time and she wasn’t ready for this kind of experience yet.

“I was in a different spot a couple years ago,” Holly said. “I was also a lot younger. Like, I’m only 23 now, but I was just in the headspace of you know, I wanted to experience something new and, you know, why not meet a bunch of new people and have a new experience? And you know, it really did pay off. It really did.”

Holly cost the Too Hot to Handle cast $69,000 for one kiss

Holly Scarfone remains known for costing the Too Hot to Handle cast $69,000.

Lana sent Holly to a private room with Nathan Soan Mngomezulu and they had one rule – no kissing or sexual contact.

They ended up kissing, which cost the cast $69,000 for the infraction.

“I, hands down, can say that was the most expensive interaction that I’ve had in my entire life,” Holly said. “You know what I mean? Wow. To put things in perspective, I didn’t know this kiss was gonna cost $69,000, first off.”

“I told everyone, I was like, ‘I will never take any of you guys to Vegas if you’re gonna bet $69,000 on me given my track record!'”

Love Island USA is on hiatus. It is currently casting for Season 4 and should return in the summer of 2022. Too Hot to Handle Season 3 just dropped on Netflix and is streaming now.

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