Tom Schwartz talks Vanderpump Rules Season 11, teases Katie Maloney love triangle

Tom Schwartz on Vanderpump Rules Season 10
Tom isn’t holding back his feelings about Vanderpump Rules Season 11. Pic credit: Bravo

In less than two weeks, the highly anticipated Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules hits Bravo airwaves dealing with the aftermath of Scandoval.

Tom Schwartz has spilled some tea on Vanderpump Rules Season 11 in a way only he can.

Not only has Tom hinted at what Vanderpump Rules fans can expect from the new season, but he also teased the love triangle between him and his ex-wife, Katie Maloney.

The supersized trailer for the upcoming season revealed that Katie and Tom are interested in the same woman.

However, Tom hasn’t been solely focused on the drama with his ex-wife because so many other things have his attention ahead of the season.

Last night at the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 premiere party, Tom was his typical self as he addressed what’s coming up on the show.

Tom Schwartz talks Vanderpump Rules Season 11

Hitting the red carpet at the event, Tom chatted with Access Hollywood to share how he would describe Season 11.

“I have been reluctant to use this word because people might jump to conclusions or be like eye roll, but this is a redemptive season in a lot of ways, shapes, and forms,” he expressed.

No, Tom isn’t saying everyone gets or sees redemption. What he is saying is that he feels some humanity will be added for certain people, aka Tom Sandoval, who Tom didn’t mention by name.

In terms of the season for him, Tom found it to be restorative and not just because of things that happened last year.

“I was spiraling for a few years, like I have never done in my entire life,” Tom shared.

The past couple of years were hard for Tom, dealing with his divorce as well as his father nearly dying, and both of his brother’s health issues. Tom did admit he’s equipped to deal with drama now, which is a good thing, too, because of a love triangle he endures.

Tom Schwartz calls Vanderpump Rules love triangle with Katie Maloney ‘bizarre’

In the trailer for the upcoming season, Tom and Katie are both having a fling of sorts with Tori Keeth. The footage alludes to trouble between the exes as they compete for the attention of the same woman.

“I’m still not even sure that actually happened. It’s so bizarre. It did happen. But it was fairly innocuous. It was fun and lighthearted, but still,” Tom told Access Hollywood.

The Winter House alum was further pressed about the topic when speaking to Us Weekly at the Vanderpump Rules premiere party.

“How did it come to this? I’m convinced there was some sort of magnetic pull or shift, and I’m in a parallel universe now. For better or for worse, I don’t know yet,” told the outlet.

Tom, of course, spoke about the love triangle with the giddiness and awkwardness that only he can bring to an interview.

Meanwhile, Katie was clear that she wasn’t about to walk away from someone she was interested in just because Tom was talking to her also.

It’s a very weird situation that will undoubtedly have Vanderpump Rules fans talking and expressing their theories on the situation.

Vanderpump Rules Season 11 premieres on Tuesday, January 30, at 8/7c on Bravo. Seasons 1-10 are streaming on Peacock.

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