Tom Schwartz admitted to being ‘wracked with guilt’ months before Katie Maloney divorce

VPR star Tom Schwartz.
During a recent episode of Winter House, Tom Schwartz admits his relationship with Katie Maloney wasn’t going well. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Vanderpump Rules star Tom Schwartz had trouble coming to terms with the end of his marriage to Katie Maloney.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, after the former couple went public with their split, Tom found himself unable to take off his wedding ring.

At the time, he claimed he simply wasn’t ready.

However, his stress and emotion surrounding the demise of his relationship were displayed before his wedding ring troubles.

When Tom and Katie went public with their split, they simultaneously shared independent Instagram posts about the matter.

In Tom’s statement, he admitted that he wasn’t ready to say the “D” word (divorce) at that point.

In a recent episode of Winter House, which was filmed back in January, Tom opened up about the status of his marriage at the time and even went so far as to admit that he was in denial about where his relationship ended.

Vanderpump Rules star Tom Schwartz talks life stressors and being ‘wracked with guilt’

During the most recent episode of Winter House, Tom was forced to come to terms with how his life’s struggles had impacted his relationship.

While speaking with Summer House star Kyle Cooke, Tom confessed that the current state of his life was entirely overwhelming for him.

“We’re trying to open the bar,” Tom shared before continuing, “My dad being sick. He’s been in the hospital for, like, 96 days. I mean, I’m wracked with guilt that I can’t be with my dad more often.”

Tom then added that all of the guilt had caused him to retreat into his “own little stress bubble,” which he wouldn’t let Katie into.

As if that wasn’t tough enough for the Schwartz & Sandy’s lounge co-owner, he also pointed out that he was well aware that this impacted his marriage most negatively.

Tom admits he wasn’t a ‘good husband’ to Katie amid ongoing family stress

While speaking to the cameras about his relationship, Tom shared that things “aren’t great” between himself and Katie, though he remained “optimistic” that they’d work it out.

“…which is a lie, probably because I think I’m lying to myself,” he noted.

Although he clarified that it hadn’t been his intention to be so distant from Katie, Tom believed his “lackluster” approach to life was out of “necessity.”

Cutting back to his conversation with Kyle, Tom confessed. “I haven’t been a good husband. I haven’t been a good friend.”

Tom’s extensive confession didn’t stop there. He continued to share that he was guilty of “not putting in enough work” to his marriage and acknowledged that it wasn’t fair of him to do that to Katie for “an extended period of time.”

Tom concluded by admitting the actual truth about the situation — confirming that Katie had already left him.

Although they didn’t go public with their split until March, while filming Winter House in January, Tom told the cameras, “To be completely honest, at this point, Katie has actually left.”

She’s actually formally sat me down and divorced me, but I’m still kind of not ready to admit it to my friends or to myself even. There’s some real high stakes emotions that I’m sort of bottling up right now and you know, it’s not easy,” he shared.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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