Tom Sandoval bashed for launching new Everybody Loves Tom podcast

Tom Sandoval on the red carpet.
Tom Sandoval was put on blast after revealing the launch of his new podcast amidst ongoing Scandoval drama. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval has received plenty of criticism after launching a new podcast.

The controversial reality television personality isn’t a stranger to drama, but his latest scandal, aptly called Scandoval, ruffled more than a few feathers during the last season of the hit Bravo show.

As viewers will recall, during the tumultuous Season 10, the bombshell news of Sandoval’s months-long affair with co-star Rachel “Raquel” Leviss was revealed, much to the surprise of both the cast and Vanderpump Rules fans.

At the time, Sandoval was still dating his girlfriend of nearly 10 years, Ariana Madix. Needless to say, the two split promptly following the news, and Sandoval has been on the defensive ever since.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Sandoval reportedly had a rough time navigating life following his affair.

Now, Sandoval is seemingly ready to step out from the shadow of his ill-fated affair and move on to his newest venture, a podcast called Everybody Loves Tom, a move that has put him in the spotlight once again.

Tom Sandoval was criticised after launching Everybody Loves Tom podcast

Taking to his Instagram, Sandoval shared a promotional post for his latest venture, and it didn’t take long for the comments to flood in.

Another comment calling Tom Sandoval a narcissist.
Pic credit: @tomsandoval1/Instagram

Among the sea of opinions, some left comments calling the star out for his “narcissistic” attitude.

Comment calling Tom Sandoval a narcissist.
Pic credit: @tomsandoval1/Instagram

Another commenter suggests that Sandoval’s latest move may qualify him for the “award for the most unselfaware [sic] person.”

Comment calling Tom Sandoval "unaware."
Pic credit: @tomsandoval1/Instagram

Another harsh criticism of the news questioned the timing of the announcement, with some pointing out Sandoval’s promo came alongside his ex-girlfriend’s premiere on Dancing With The Stars.

Comment noting the coincidence of Tom Sandoval's podcast timing.
Pic credit: @tomsandoval1/Instagram

“What a coincidence you drop this news the same day as DWTS!” another wrote.

Comment noting the coincidence of Tom Sandoval's podcast timing.
Pic credit: @tomsandoval1/Instagram

It wasn’t all bad reviews, though. Some followers came to Sandoval’s defense, sharing that if everyone else was able to capitalize on his drama, he should too.

Comment saying Tom Sandoval should capitalize on his drama.
Pic credit: @tomsandoval1/Instagram

Everybody Loves Tom is set to feature friends and behind-the-scenes looks at Vanderpump Rules

Sandoval’s promo for Everybody Loves Tom took his drama head-on. The video begins with Sandoval discussing the results of a “focus group” who was asked to describe him with the hope of being inspired to find the name of his new venture.

In the skit, a staff member approaches Sandoval and hesitantly lists the colorful words used to describe him, including “Sand-awful, scumbag, cheater.”

After listening to the string of insults, Sandoval proclaims, “I got it. Yeah. Everybody Loves Tom.”

The caption on the post delved into what listeners can expect from the podcast. The show will reportedly feature Sandoval talking to friends and celebrities about “EVERYTHING.”

Everybody Loves Tom is also planning on sharing behind-the-scenes looks at Vanderpump Rules once it returns for Season 11.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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