Tom Bergeron says DWTS just made its best decision since 2005

Tom Bergeron on DWTS
Tom Bergeron on DWTS. Pic credit: ABC

Tom Bergeron has not had a lot of positive things to say about Dancing with the Stars since the show fired him and replaced him with Tyra Banks.

Bergeron has moved on and revealed he has no desire to ever return to the franchise.

However, a move that DWTS made this week has Bergeron singing the show’s praises. He even went on to call it the best move that Dancing with the Stars has made since 2005.

Tom Bergeron praises DWTS for recent move

Dancing with the Stars just hired back the man who served as showrunner when it first premiered on ABC way back in 2005.

After the 30th season, and before the Disney+ announcement, executive producer Andrew Llinares left Dancing with the Stars. This was the producer who fired Tom and Erin Andrews and brought in Tyra Banks.

Now that he is gone, DWTS has reached out and come to terms with original showrunner/executive producer Conrad Green to return to Dancing with the Stars.

This received an immediate response from Tom Bergeron the day the news broke.

“Best decision they’ve made since 2005, when they hired him the first time,” Tom wrote on Twitter, followed by a winking emoji and clapping hands.

Green was the executive producer and showrunner of Dancing with the Stars when it premiered on ABC in 2005. He was part of the team that pitched the show to ABC, to begin with.

However, don’t expect Tom to return to the show as a host. When it was hinted at, Tom responded with a comment about Thomas Wolfe, who wrote the novel, You Can’t Go Home Again.

What will Conrad Green need to do on DWTS?

Conrad Green has a huge opportunity. The move to Disney+ could make Dancing with the Stars bigger than ever since there are 130 million subscribers on the service.

DWTS averaged five million viewers on ABC and they hope to tap into the Disney+ subscribers to increase that number.

To do that, Green will need to fix some problems that viewers had with the past few seasons. This includes bringing in more A-list celebrities and possibly replacing Tyra Banks as the host. While Tyra has her fans, she is very polarizing, and DWTS wants to bring in as many viewers as it can.

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus. The dancing reality competition series will return in late 2022 to its new home on Disney+ streaming.

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