Tim Malcolm calls Jesse Meester a ‘pathetic coattail rider’ after Darcey Silva diss

Tim Malcolm on 90 Day Fiance The Other Way
Tim isn’t letting Jesse Meester take shots at Darcey and Tom without speaking up. Pic credit: TLC

When Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days premiered, Jesse Meester claimed he was unaware that Darcey Silva was back on the show with her new man, Tom Brooks. But then after Jesse decided to take shots at Darcey and Tom on social media, anti-bullying crusader Tim Malcolm stepped in to put Jesse in his place.

In the time since he began filming the 90 Day Fiance spinoff, Tim has become friendly with both Darcey and Tom, posting photos of them all together in his Instagram stories.

So when Jesse decided to throw some shade in Darcey and Tom’s direction, Tim threw it right back at him by way of his Instagram stories.

For those that missed the Jesse Meester diss, he called out Darcey and Tom on Twitter for being fake and for Darcey’s perceived drinking problem.

As we saw on a recent episode of the show, Darcey drank a bit too much with Tom and didn’t remember crawling into bed with him, knocking him in the nose and giving him a bloody nose in the middle of the night.

Despite his denials, it looks like Jesse Meester must be watching. He knew enough about Tom Brooks’ recent Instagram drama after Tom posted phony pictures, and he also knew about Darcey’s drunken first night.

But when Jesse took his shot at the Before the 90 Days stars, Tim Malcolm is the one who responded. In recent weeks, Tim had befriended Darcey and Tom. When Darcey’s ex decided to have his “told ya so” moment on Twitter, Tim was quick to shut him down.

Tim Malcolm calls Jesse Meester a coattail chaser on Instagram stories
Tim Malcolm shut down Jesse Meester’s attempt to shade Darcey and Tom. Pic credit: TLC

“Who the f**k cares,” Tim wrote in his Instagram stories. “Dude your 15 mins was up 9 mins after it started and only lasted 9 mins because of Darcey… I’m having an ‘illusion’ also about you being a pathetic coattail rider.”

Monsters & Critics reached out to Tim to ask him about Jesse Meester taking shots at his friends, Darcey and Tom. Tim responded, “F**k that guy.”

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