Tim Malcolm and Veronica Rodriguez headed to OnlyFans – Here’s what to expect

Tim and Veronica have become a fan favorite on Pillow Talk. Pic Credit: TLC

It seems like all our favorite stars from the 90 Day Fiance franchise are heading to OnlyFans.

The next duo headed to the adult platform is 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star Tim Malcolm and his ex Veronica Rodriguez.

Fans first fell in love with ‘El Gringo’ when he traveled to Brazil to be with girlfriend Jeniffer and her daughter. His trip didn’t go as planned as it lacked intimacy and came home without an engagement.

Although Tim’s relationship with his Brazilian girlfriend Jennifer didn’t work out, he still had another Latina in his life – Veronica.

While the two women have had their drama, Veronica continues to be a major part of Tim’s life.

The two dated prior to his relationship to Jeniffer and consider themselves to be best friends. They also co-parent Veronica’s daughter Chloe.

Viewers loved seeing them on Pillow Talk

Regulars on TLC’s Pillow Talk, viewers can’t get enough of the banter between these two. Viewers sensed a spark between the couple on Tim’s season and they’re proving to be one of the highlights on Pillow Talk.

Fans love the brutal honesty between the ex-lovers and were noticeably upset when Big Ed and his mother replaced the two for a few episodes.

After backlash from viewers, TLC brought the couple back.

This is one couple you always see together – from Pillow Talk to Instagram live, they love giving their commentary.

The couple doesn’t plan on getting nude

Although the platform is known for the NSFW content – the couple is taking a different spin on the adult website.

Instead of posting provocative photos and videos, the couple plans on having a podcast/vlog type format. The two go on Youtube live often and regularly answer fan questions.

Fans can ‘superchat’ during the stream, meaning if they send money – Tim ensures their question gets answered and the viewer gets a shoutout on the video.

Fans are constantly asking if the couple will ever back together, both agree they work better as co-parents and friends.

It looks like OnlyFans will give them an a platform to better monetize their content.

The couple follows other 90 Day Fiance stars such as Stephanie Matto and Deavan Clegg who promote their content on the site.

Will you be subscribing to Tim and Veronica’s OnlyFans?

90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC. 

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