TikTok star Danisha Carter destroys Bethenny Frankel over Meghan Markle hate

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Bethenny Frankel gets slammed over her comments about Meghan Markle. Pic credit: @bethennyfrankel/Instagram

Bethenny Frankel is again under fire for expressing her opinions on social media.

The former star of The Real Housewives of New York City received an in-depth read from TikTok creator Danisha Carter after sharing her thoughts on Meghan Markle.

Bethenny, who appears to not be the biggest fan of Meghan, posted a video criticizing the Duchess of Sussex. She also shared her thoughts on being able to share unpopular opinions without receiving backlash from others.

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Danisha stitched Bethenny’s video and added a lengthy reply to her comments. She shared her belief that Bethenny was seeking attention and had no real reason to dislike Meghan.

She also implied that Bethenny was simply regurgitating comments and talking points made by others who are not fond of Meghan, despite there being no validity or substance to the remarks.

The video, which lasts for over five minutes, shows Danisha addressing Bethenny’s comments, pushing to have her take accountability for what she says, and even challenging Bethenny to rethink her stance on being canceled by the public.

Danisha Carter doesn’t think Bethenny Frankel is a victim

A large portion of Danisha’s video addressed the idea that if someone has an opinion that differs from the majority, they risk being canceled or vilified. This was an argument Bethenny presented in her video when she assumed she would be attacked for her comments on Meghan.

Danisha pointed out that not agreeing with someone’s opinion is not the same as canceling them or wanting to prevent them from having free speech. According to her, Bethenny is not being silenced or canceled; people are just not agreeing with what she is saying.

Before the video ends, Danisha calls out Bethenny for commenting that much of what Meghan does appears to be a PR move; however her marketing is not well done. She tells Bethenny that not everyone is focused on marketing their lives or utilizing PR for every aspect of their lives. She reminds Bethenny that some people are just living and are not focused on what others think of them.

The video, which has over 42K likes, completely rips Bethenny’s remarks to shreds while also providing opportunities for growth. It also seemingly caused Bethenny to delete the original video she posted revealing her full thoughts on Meghan.

Bethenny Frankel promotes her podcast

Since leaving RHONY, Bethenny has found success in many areas, including her popular podcast, Just B. Topics include everything from money, raising kids, relationships, and, of course, discussions with former Housewives.

Bethenny uses her podcast to express thoughts that she feels may not be accepted on social media. She even mentioned speaking about Meghan Markle on her podcast as it might be a better platform.

Just B drops new episodes weekly and can be found anywhere podcasts are available, including Spotify, IHEARTRADIO, and Apple.

The Real Housewives of New York City is currently on hiatus.

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Perfect example of missing the point. I deduct 10 points for your lack of human growth.