Tiffany Franco accepts Scott Wern’s invitation to hang out but with this condition

Tiffany Franco and Scott Wern
Scott has been fawning over Tiffany in recent weeks. Pic credit: Discovery+

It’s the 90 Day Fiance crossover no one saw coming: Scott Wern vying for Tiffany Franco‘s attention.

Following his split from Pedro Jimeno’s mom, Lidia Morel, Scott took to Instagram in an attempt to partner up with another brunette from the 90 Day Fiance franchise.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Scott audaciously thirst-trapped Tiffany in a shirtless video, admitting to having a crush on the TLC star and looking for a chance to “win her heart.”

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Initially, Tiffany reacted with uncertainty in response to Scott’s bold move, asking her Instagram followers whether she should entertain his offer.

Most of Tiffany’s fans concurred: giving Scott a chance should be a hard pass.

However, Tiffany thought things over, and now, the 32-year-old is willing to take Scott up on his offer.

Tiffany Franco agrees to ‘hang out’ with Lidia Morel’s ex Scott Wern

In an Instagram Reel shared ahead of the weekend, Tiffany told her fans that she’d been inundated with questions about the situation with Scott.

“He’s been making waves online. He’s been making these videos singing to me in the shower, da da da da… and I told him that I’m gonna make this post,” Tiffany said in the video.

“And if this post gets 1,000 comments, I’m going to accept the invitation, and he can come hang out with me for one day with the terms and conditions that I get to do his full face of makeup,” she continued. “What do you guys think?”

In the caption of her video, Tiffany wrote, “SCOTT here’s your response! Do you accept? I have to do a full face of make up 😂😂 oh addyrose, and we have to do the make up on live @scott_wern_sr.”

Scott caught wind of Tiffany’s offer of acceptance and recorded his own Instagram Reel in response.

Scott recorded his video shirtless, calling out his haters who didn’t believe a date with Tiffany would happen.

“It’s happening,” he said. “I think she’s amazing, I think she’s beautiful, I’m psyched.”

In his caption, Scott wrote, “Need my thousand and look forward to my makeover [with] the coolest most beautiful woman in the world 💕👍🔥”

90 Day Fiance viewers urge Tiffany to ‘run’ from Scott

As Tiffany asked, her followers gave their feedback, and the consensus was that she should steer clear of any interactions with Scott.

“UGH!! Noooooooooo,” wrote one such critic. “Run Tiff, Run!!!!!!”

Another Instagram user asked Tiffany why she is “wasting” her time with Scott, who they believe “needs help.”

90 day fiance viewers urged tiffany franco on instagram not to meet up with scott wern
Tiffany’s followers urged her to stay away from Scott. Pic credit: @tiffanyfranco_/Instagram

“I am sorry but he has issues,” wrote another, pointing out the nearly 20-year age gap between Tiffany and Scott.

“Are u attracted to this man?? don’t understand the logic,” commented another one of Tiffany’s followers.

Those following this story will have to check back and find out how Tiffany and Scott’s meet-up goes and whether there is any chemistry between the 90 Day Fiance cast members or if their rendezvous is purely a publicity stunt.

90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise airs Mondays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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4 months ago

Tiffeny should go into this with a cautious attitude