Tia Booth slams misleading headlines about her unplanned pregnancy

Tia Booth
Tia Booth answers fans’ questions about her pregnancy. Pic credit: @tiarachel91/Instagram

Tia Booth has been navigating an eventful season of life as she got engaged and announced her pregnancy this year.

As Tia happily anticipates the birth of her first child, she’s also been candid about her feelings surrounding the unexpected development in her life.

Tia’s words regarding her pregnancy led to headlines misconstruing her outlook on the pregnancy and painting the situation as negative.

The Bachelor in Paradise star condemned the misleading headlines and clarified her joy over becoming a mother.

Tia Booth changes the narrative after misleading pregnancy headlines

Tia Booth took to Instagram to share screenshots of recently released articles about her unplanned pregnancy.

The Us Weekly headline in Tia’s post read, “Bachelor’s Tia Booth ‘Wasn’t Excited’ About Pregnancy ‘At First,’ Recalls Telling Fiance Taylor Mock.”

The other article’s headline read, “The Bachelor’ alum Tia Booth” I ‘wasn’t excited’ to find out I was pregnant, I ‘freaked out.'”

Tia took issue with how the articles tried to infer she was unhappy about getting pregnant, and she set the record straight in her post.

Tia wrote, “I hate how misleading these articles are. It was unplanned, a surprise, I had my amazing wedding planner making calls to make a late October 2022 wedding happen so yeah excitement wasn’t the initial emotion.”

The Bachelor Nation star then clarified, “But just to be clear we are OVERJOYED and know this baby is a blessing no matter the timing.”

Tia Booth's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @tiarachel91/Instagram

Tia Booth found out she was pregnant shortly after getting engaged

Tia was able to share her perspective even further during a pregnancy AMA with her followers.

A fan asked, “Did you find out about the pregnancy after getting engaged? A double whammy!”

Tia confirmed, “Yep! 9 days after and I had already started wedding planning.” Adding a laughing emoji, Tia shared, “life comes at ya QUICK.”

Tia Booth's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @tiarachel91/Instagram

Tia announced her pregnancy on Father’s Day with a heartfelt post and stunning black and white photos featuring affectionate poses between herself and her fiance Taylor Mock.

Reflecting on the loss of her father as well as the excitement of new life, Tia captioned the post, “This has undoubtedly been my most challenging season thus far. I’ve never felt such overwhelming sadness and pure joy at the same time. It’s been difficult to be grateful for the good as if one of the most important people in my life is missing the celebration. While I wish I could tell my dad all the good news in person, it brings me peace that he knows about it long before I do.”

Tia concluded, “Welcoming a new little life while mourning the loss of another proves that high emotions can exist simultaneously, and I have no doubt my dad had a hand in this. Happy heavenly Father’s Day to the first man I ever loved and Happy soon-to-be Father’s Day to my forever?.”

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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