Tia Booth shows off her first baby bump photos

Tia Booth
Tia Booth shows off baby bumps. Pic credit: ABC

Tia Booth only announced her engagement to Taylor Mock about two months ago after he surprised her on Bachelor Live on Stage with a proposal.

Just when Tia began the wedding planning, she and Taylor found out they were expecting a baby. Luckily for her, she hadn’t had much done yet.

While announcing her pregnancy on Father’s Day, Tia said it was bittersweet, and she felt joy for their baby but sadness that her own dad had recently passed away.

Now that Tia has gone public with her pregnancy news, she can start documenting her symptoms and sharing her baby bump photos with fans.

Tia Booth shows off her first baby bump photos

When Tia shared the big news with Bachelor Nation, she and Taylor could be seen posing in formal attire on Instagram.

With her caption, Tia could be seen cradling her bump with her hands as Taylor wrapped his around his fiancé.

Tia also took to her Instagram stories, which are no longer available, to show off a couple of baby bump photos from April 22 and June 3, respectively.

Tia’s pregnancy symptoms

She talked about how tired she is all of the time now, and although she was tired a lot before her pregnancy, it has been taken to a whole new level.

Tia can’t wait until that magical second trimester so that she can get some energy back; she is excited for that to occur.

In fact, she has been so tired that she hasn’t been able to get in her usual workouts like she did pre-pregnancy. This was evident in her IG stories, where she posted, “Good morning!!! I’m finally back at the gym consistently training with @wirth!! It’s slow, but it feels sooo good to move my body.”

Tia Booth talks about getting back to the gym during pregnancy.
Pic credit: @tiarachel91/Instagram

Also, on her Instagram stories was the fact that Tia’s face has been breaking out like crazy since she’s gotten pregnant. She said it had cleared up completely in the past few months.

Tia talks about her face breaking out now that she is pregnant.
Pic credit: @tiarachel91/Instagram

Tia also stated, “I am so happy this is out in the universe now because I’ve been keeping this major secret from a lot of people, and it’s been killing me. A few people saw the ultrasound pictures on the fridge last week, but I didn’t care cause we were about to announce. So if you saw that, good on you; you knew early.”

It also seems that when Tia isn’t crazy tired, she has the nesting stage going on, as she posted a photo of herself on her stories and wrote, “I have a photoshoot in my house Friday and have this sudden urge to just redecorate the whole thing… “

Tia Booth has an urge to redecorate for a photoshoot.
Pic credit: @tiarachel91/Instagram

While Tia is currently in the tired and hormone-changing stage with her firstborn child, hopefully, the second trimester will bring her some relief.

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday, September 27, on ABC.

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