Tia Booth denies having a ‘shotgun engagement,’ shares how she told her mom about her pregnancy 

Tia Booth and Taylor Mock
Bachelor Nation’s Tia Booth announced engagement and pregnancy this year. Pic credit: @tiarachel91/Instagram

Tia Booth dropped major news when she revealed that she and Taylor Mock are expecting a baby.

Tia’s pregnancy news arrived shortly after news of her engagement to fiance Taylor.

Some have begun suggesting that Taylor may have proposed due to the pregnancy, but Tia shut down the speculation and gave more insight into how she broke the news to her mother.

Tia Booth says ‘true love’ motivated Taylor Mock’s proposal

Tia Booth took to her Instagram stories for a pregnancy AMA.

One fan asked about her fiance’s decision to propose, questioning, “Do you think he would have proposed if it wasn’t a shotgun situation?”

Tia clarified, “He proposed *before* so it’s obviously true love ok?”

Answering in her video as well, Tia explained that she and Taylor got engaged before knowing they were pregnant.

In fact, Tia shared that the two found out they were expecting just nine days after the proposal when Taylor surprised her during The Bachelor: Live On Stage. According to Tia, pregnancy did not motivate their desire to be married.

Tia Booth's Instagram story
Pic credit: @tiarachel91/Instagram

Tia Booth details how she told her mom about her pregnancy

During the AMA, another fan wanted to know, “How did you tell your mom?”

Tia revealed that she broke the news to her mom over the phone, writing, “I called her and didn’t even say hi just immediately said ‘I just took 3 positive pregnancy tests.’”

Tia continued, “and she wheeze laughed bc she didn’t expect it. She is sooo excited though.”

Tia Booth's Instagram story
Pic credit: @tiarachel91/Instagram

Tia Booth slams misleading pregnancy headlines 

With the news of her engagement and pregnancy, Tia has been making headlines a lot lately. 

As Monsters and Critics reported, Tia recently called out news sites for misconstrued headlines surrounding her pregnancy. 

Several headlines suggested that Tia was unhappy with becoming pregnant because it was unplanned. 

However, Tia set the record straight by sharing that while the pregnancy was unexpected and unplanned, she and Taylor are thrilled to be expanding their family. 

Other details Tia shared during her pregnancy AMA included revealing that she knows the gender of her baby but is waiting to announce it, and her pregnancy cravings include pizza of all kinds. 

Tia is expected to give birth on December 23, just before Christmas, and she has enjoyed bringing her followers along on her pregnancy journey. 

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday, September 27, on ABC.

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