Tia Booth claps back at ‘crank pot’ over decision to wait on baby name reveal

Tia Booth
Tia Booth stands up for her decision to hold off on a baby name reveal. Pic credit: @tiarachel91/Instagram

Tia Booth did not back down when recently attacked for not revealing her baby’s name ahead of the birth.

Tia, first seen on Season 22 of The Bachelor, has since found love outside the franchise with her fiance Taylor Mock.

The two announced shortly after their engagement that they were expecting their first child, which they later revealed to be a baby boy.

The former contestant recently took to her Instagram Stories to show her redone house, in which she shared multiple photos and videos of the newly renovated rooms.

However, she decided not to show the new nursery since the baby’s name would then be revealed.

“The nursery is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. His name is on a big sign so that tour will have to wait a bit,” she wrote alongside a selfie.

Tia Booth's Instagram post
Pic credit: @tiarachel91/Instagram

Tia Booth claps back at messenger who calls her ‘annoying’ for not revealing name

In a follow-up post, Tia shared a direct message exchange between her and another Instagram user who pressed her on not revealing her baby boy’s name.

“Why are ‘name reveals’ such a thing? It’s literally for attention and to not have people poo poo it, which is going to happen whether you announce it or not. No one freaking case, it’s just annoying,” the user wrote.

Tia responded by telling the messenger that she and Taylor simply wanted to wait. However, that wasn’t a good enough answer, as it sparked another response.

They wrote back to Tia, “Of course it’s to each their own but influencers just flaunt it way too much.”

Tia Booth's story
Pic credit: @tiarachel91/Instagram

Tia clapped back, “It’s special to us. And meaningful. We want to keep it to ourselves. No need to get so mad,” and in another message wrote, “WE DONT HAVE TO.”

She also added a separate blurb on top of the message exchange, writing, “PS, we (influencers- or anybody for that matter) don’t HAVE to share s**t. We choose to show up on here& share bc we want to. What a crank pot.”

Although she may have to deal with online haters from time to time, Tia is still able to excitedly celebrate the arrival of her and Taylor’s soon-to-be baby boy.

The Bachelor alum Tia Booth shares baby shower photos

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Tia and Taylor recently shared sweet moments from their fall baby shower.

The mom-to-be rocked a beige sweater dress while posing alongside friends and loved ones while holding onto her baby bump.

One friend notably in attendance was fellow Bachelor alum and southern belle Raven Gates Gottschalk, who also brought her baby son Gates to the shower.

Fans can stay tuned for more updates as Tia Booth’s due date is certainly fast approaching.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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