Javi and Kailyn’s problems upset Isaac on Teen Mom 2

Isaac and Jo on Teen Mom 2
Isaac (L) gets a pep talk from Jo explaining that he can still see Javi 0n Teen Mom 2

This week on Teen Mom 2, Isaac’s dad Jo has to explain to him what is happening with his mom and Javi.

Javi and Kailyn might be over but Isaac still loves Javi and want to see him. Somewhat selflessly, his dad and Kailyn’s ex, Jo explains to him that Javi is not going to stay with them anymore but that he can still see him. He even says that he will talk to his mom so that he can go see Javi’s new home.

Pretty big of Jo to accept that his son has formed a close bond with another man and only serves to throw contrast on how Kailyn and Javi are behaving.

Meantime, following Jenelle’s denial that she was pregnant last week – now she’s trying to keep the news from Barbara.

barb on Teen Mom 2
Barb tells Kristen why she thinks Jenelle is pregnant

Also on this episode,  Chelsea and Cole think about putting their wedding off for a while.

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