These Below Deck crew members are off the clock enjoying fabulous vacations for the holidays

Jessica and Zee
Several of the Below Deck franchise crew are on vacation in fabulous places for the holiday. Pic credit: Bravo

Many of the cast members in the Below Deck franchise have stayed in the industry trying to advance their careers or earn a great income while traveling the world. However, when the cast is not being active crew members or spending quality time with loved ones, a lot of them choose to travel.

The Below Deck crew is used to traveling to exotic locales but it is usually for work so when they do choose to go on vacation for themselves they love to post about it.

Being that it is around the Christmas holiday, many of the Below Deck cast have been posting about their family and friends, or information about their current work positions, but there are some who have gone on fabulous holidays.

Mexico has been a popular destination for these Below Deck crew members

Although Zee Dempers doesn’t post regularly on his Instagram page, he did manage to flex his vacation in an Instagram story post.

The South African native seems to be living it up as Zee posted a picture at a place on the water with clear blue skies which he geotagged as Cabo Beach Club in Mexico.

Zee Dempers's IG story post
Zee posted that he was in Mexico. Pic credit: @zeedempers/Instagram

Zee’s fellow Season 6 of Below Deck Mediterranean castmate Katie Flood also shared a post signifying that she was in Mexico, although it was a different part.

Katie posted a picture of herself sitting in front of a bottle of gold tequila in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico. She captioned her photo, “In my natural habitat.”

Jessica More from Season 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean has been known to do a lot of personal travel, and she appears to be having a spiritual holiday in the same city in Mexico as Katie in Tulum.

In Jessica’s photo, it looks like she is having some kind of awakening experience because she accompanied her post with a tribute to Tulum and how her time there has affected her.

Two other Below Deck cast members shared their vacations in beautiful parts of the world

Season 8 of Below Deck’s Izzy Wouters has been traveling around the United States and posting killer pictures to show it off.

Her most recent post for the holiday was a picture of her looking out into the expanse of a rock formation which she geotagged as Artists Palette in Death Valley.

Even Below Deck chefs get time off as Sailing Yacht’s Natasha De Bourg showed in spectacular fashion.

She posted a picture of herself living her best life on a dock next to a pool or lagoon which she hashtagged as being in St. Maarten.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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