The Women Tell All: What happens when Shanae Ankney gets in the hot seat

Shanae Ankney
Shanae Ankney takes the hot seat at The Women Tell All. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor has almost run its course. Therefore, it is now almost time for the infamous Women Tell All episode, which will air on Monday, March 7th.

While fans can’t wait to see what drama unfolds during this segment themselves, Reality Steve has offered a sneak peek and a few spoilers of what happens during this event.

As Shanae Ankney has been the topic of much conversation and criticism this season, it’s no shock to Bachelor Nation that she will occupy the hot seat at some point during the show. But what exactly happens when she does?

Shanae Ankney takes the hot seat during the Women Tell All and faces the heat

It appears that Shanae’s time in the hot seat doesn’t go too well—for her or the other women who are there.

In fact, Shanae allegedly states that she didn’t even want to be there and never once apologizes for anything she did or said on the show.

Reality Steve also claims that while Shanae is still in the hot seat, “Genevieve heads to the stage and asks Shanae why she called her an actress during their 2-on-1 date with Clayton.”

In typical Shanae fashion, she doesn’t answer Genevieve’s question, but instead chooses to go on the offensive. She reportedly goes on “to blurt accusations of Genevieve hooking up with Aaron Clancy and ‘Matt the Bartender.’” Although Shanae does not clarify the claim, Reality Steve has theorized that Matt was a bartender in Toronto.

Shanae also reportedly shows no emotion when production displays clips of Shanae’s words and actions during the show to the audience and the women. There is a particularly memorable snippet portraying Shanae calling Elizabeth Corrigan an expletive.

According to Reality Steve, nothing gets resolved. Shanae still thinks she did nothing wrong, and the women still can’t stand her.

What else happens during The Women Tell All and who is there?

More spoilers of The Women Tell All include who else sits in the hot seat during the show. Apparently, besides Shanae, four other women get the chance: Teddi Wright, Serene Russell, Sarah Hamrick, and Salley Carson.

Also, only 18 of the 28 contestants from the show come to the Women Tell All event. Besides the above-mentioned, the following women are also there: Mara Agrait, Genevieve Parisi, Cassidy Timbrooks, Claire Heilig, Eliza Isichei, Elizabeth Corrigan, Hunter Haag, Jill Chin, Kate Gallivan, Kira Mengistu, Lyndsey Windham, Marlena Wesh, and Sierra Jackson.

When Sarah Hamrick is in the hot seat, Teddi Wright calls her out for fake crying in scenes with Clayton, but some of the women do reportedly jump in and defend Sarah.

As Clayton takes the hot seat during the show, he faces some serious heat. The two things he supposedly focuses on is still questioning his and Sarah’s relationship and their falling out, as well as apologizing to the women for keeping Shanae around as long as he did. He felt bad he didn’t listen to all of their warnings, and he does also apologize to Genevieve for calling her an actress.

What else goes down on The Women Tell All and the last two episodes of Clayton’s season? Stay tuned next week and the following week during the finale for the answers to your questions.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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