The Voice’s top ten performers compete in the live playoffs

A close-up photo of coach Blake Shelton.
The Voice coach, Blake Shelton, has four contestants competing in the top ten. Pic credit: NBC

Last week on The Voice, the nail-biting top-13 playoffs whittled the contestants down to the best of ten – Team Blake’s Rowan Grace, Bryce Leatherwood, Bodie, and Brayden Lape; Team Gwen’s Justin Aaron and Kique; Team Camila’s Morgan Myles; and Team Legend’s Kim Cruse, Parijita Bistola, and Omar Jose Cardona.

This week is Fan Week, and the fans chose the song they wanted to hear the contestants sing.

First up was Team Legend’s Parajita Bistola, and her fans picked Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara. Although it was an uptempo choice for her, she sang it with a beautiful vibrato Coach Legend said was mature for her young age. The song seemed to fit her.

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Rowan Grace from Team Blake sang Billie Eilish’s I Love You, which demonstrated her sweet tone. Although the song was difficult to sing, she met the challenge according to her coach, Blake, who said she “nailed it.”

Justin Aaron from Team Gwen sang the classic James Ingram song Just Once with passion and vulnerability as only he can. An excellent choice for his fans showcasing his masterful talent. Justin seems to bring the talent week after week.

Team Blake’s Brayden Lape sang Homesick by Kane Brown. He said his fans picked a fitting song for him because this is the longest the 16-year-old has been away from his family in Grass Lake, MI. Coach Camela thought it was “delightful” and his best performance yet.

Team Legend’s Kim Cruse fans picked Rhianna’s Love on the Brain a fitting choice for her amazing range. Coach Legend said the song choice maximized her mastery and she “killed it!”

Team Blake’s Bryce Leatherwood, the classic country boy, fans picked Sand In My Boots by Morgan Wallen. Coach Blake said his fans back in Oklahoma only care about Bryce now. Coach Legend envisioned hearing his voice on country music radio in the future.

Team Gwen’s Contestant, Kique, goes into Quarantine

Team Gwen’s Kique was given The Weeknd’s Call Out My Name by his fans. His performance was pre-recorded tonight because he tested positive for COVID-19. It didn’t affect his performance, however. Hard to believe he’s only 19 years old given his amazing range, runs, and soulful tone. Coach Gwen called his performance flawless.

Kique Performs The Weeknd's "Call Out My Name" | NBC's The Voice Top 10 2022

Team Camila’s one and only Morgan Myles sang the Chris Stapleton version of Tennessee Whiskey, an outstanding pick for her by her fans. She belted out the highs and lows with ease. Coach Legend said it felt like an awards show performance. Coach Camila said she was a star tonight.

Team Blake performer, Bodie, sings a TikTok famous song

Team Blake’s final performer was Bodie singing Golden Hour by JVKE. The song made famous by TikTok was another exceptional choice by fans to reveal the vocal range of their favorite artists. Coach Camila said she was “starstruck” by Brodie. Coach Blake was blown away by how complicated the song was and how remarkable his performance was on the show tonight.

Bodie Performs JVKE's "golden hour" | NBC's The Voice Top 10 2022

Team Legend performer Omar Jose Cardona sang the last song of the night- I Want to Know What Love Is by Foreigner. It was a perfect fit for his vocal style, and he sang it like it was made for him. Camila called it “euphoric” and suggested he was the only one that could pull off the song in that way.

All of the contestants performed as if they belonged in this competition, but there can only be one. Tune in Tuesday night for the results show to see who made the top seven in the live playoffs. 

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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