The Voice’s John Legend starting NFT platform for musicians and entertainers

John Legend on The Voice
John Legend on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

Add John Legend to the list of celebrities who are getting involved with the current NFT craze.

Legend is not only throwing his name into the hat when it comes to selling and trading NFT’s, but he is starting his own NFT platform.

John Legend starting NFT platform OurSong

John Legend is starting a new NFT platform called OurSong for both musicians and artists.

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According to reports, this will be a “social commerce platform” and it will allow users to create their own NFTs (called Vibes), which they can use to monetize super-fan communities to offer private chat rooms and unreleased music.

The main reason for OurSong is to create a better system for creators to be discovered, monetize their work, and engage with fans through non-fungible tokens.

“NFTs hold so much promise in ushering in the next generation of singers, songwriters, photographers, artists, and more,” John Legend said.

“I believe NFTs can change the way creators are discovered, improve how they serve their biggest fans, and reshape the industry as a whole. That starts with building a platform that serves all creators, whether they have one hundred fans or one hundred thousand.”

The official website claims they “made creating and buying NFTs super easy. Everyone can now turn stories, music, photography, and any kind of art into NFT trading cards called Vibes. Do it any time, anywhere!

One of the big differences with OurSong is that it does not require users to have external cryptocurrency wallets. Instead, the fan cards purchased remain on the app. This allows the owners to have the privileges based on their card.

It simplifies the experience for fans who are not familiar with crypto.

At the moment, OurSong mostly consists of a Chinese user base, but Legend hopes to market it better to audiences in the United States and other Western countries.

Is John Legend returning to The Voice?

Fans were worried that John Legend might be leaving The Voice when he announced his Las Vegas residency.

This is what Gwen Stefani did when she left The Voice.

However, the dates for his residency have large breaks at the exact times that The Voice films its show, making it appear that Legend isn’t going anywhere.

Instead, at the moment, the only coach rumored to be leaving is Ariana Grande. The show has reportedly spoken to Jennifer Lopez about replacing her.

The Voice is on hiatus. The singing reality competition series should return to NBC in late 2022.

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