The Voice’s Carson Peters explains how much time Blake Shelton worked with him

Carson Peters on The Voice
Carson Peters on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

A lot of fans of The Voice were disappointed when Blake Shelton sent Carson Peters home.

While Lana Scott was just as deserving, fans fell for the 17-year-old Carson and when he went home, it just felt too soon.

This is especially true since he was a pure country singer that seemed to be right in Blake Shelton’s wheelhouse.

Peters did an interview after his elimination and showed great appreciation, while also pulling back the curtain on The Voice during the coronavirus pandemic.

Carson Peters on how he worked with Blake Shelton on The Voice

Carson Peters said that appearing on The Voice was a long journey for him.

The teenager said that the filming of the show kept him there for the entire summer.

I was basically there the whole summer,” Peters said. “I was present for all the filming until the live shows.”

Carson is a high school senior and every judge turned for him when he had his blind auditions. However, when it came time for Blake Shelton to choose between him and Lana Scott, Carson went home and no one saved him.

Carson talked about how long he had to work with Blake Shelton on each song, and it didn’t seem like there was much time for Blake to help him with his singing and performing.

“Due to COVID[-19], I don’t think it was like previous seasons,” Carson explained. “For each song, I got about two hours to work with Blake.”

That seemed to be small considering that he worked almost the entire week on his performances.

“The schedule was random, but we were working 4-5 days per week,” Carson said. “We had band rehearsals, stage rehearsals, and wardrobe fittings. On my days off, I would sleep in and go to parks and jam.”

With four to five days a week of work, it seems that only two hours with Blake Shelton was very little hands-on work.

Carson Peters on what he takes from The Voice

Carson Peters sang Living on Tulsa Time by Don Williams in his blind audition round and all four judges turned for him.

In the Battles round, Carson Peters beat out Clint Sherman as they both sang Don’t Let Your Love Start Slipping Away by Vince Gill.

In the Knockouts, Carson chose George Strait’s song Amarillo by Morning.

“I chose George Strait’s Amarillo by Morning. I took it to the first band rehearsal. I did the key step-up in the last chorus like George Strait had recorded,” Carson explained. “I kept it in there to show the judges my voice range and my skill with the fiddle, playing in two different keys.”

While he went home, he seemed to appreciate the experience. In his post-elimination interviews, he backed up this attitude.

“Overall, I was happy with my performance,” Carson said. “It definitely has helped my career, both in bluegrass and country. I’ve gained a lot of social media followings and made connections that will help me in the future.”

The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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