The Voice viewers call out Gwen Stefani’s team as live shows begin

Gwen Stefani on Season 24 of The Voice
Gwen has been put on blast by The Voice viewers. Pic credit: NBC

The Voice viewers are calling out Gwen Stefani’s team as live shows begin, and her chances of winning are pretty slim.

On Monday night’s The Voice Season 24 episode, the Top 12 took the stage to kick off the live shows.

The Voice viewers watched Tuesday night as that was narrowed down to nine in the season’s first results show.

Team Gwen went from three singers down to one after Kara Tenae and Tanner Massey were eliminated.

Heading into the next round of live shows, BIAS remains the only singer on Team Gwen in the competition.

Gwen’s the only coach with just one singer left, and The Voice viewers had much to say about her team this year.

The Voice viewers call out Gwen Stefani’s team as live shows begin

“Not Gwen losing 2 of her 3 people the first night of lives HAHAHAHA sorry but I definitely saw that coming. She messed up so bad picking those 3 last week I hope she realizes it now #TheVoice,” read one comment.

Another X (formerly Twitter) user thinks Gwen just isn’t all that into The Voice this season, even insisting she doesn’t even look interested and called her out for getting rid of her singers who were stars, so to speak.

The Voice viewers call out Gwen Stefani.
Pic credit: @yourgirlkennn/@mtiger111/X

There was a consensus on X that Gwen got what she deserved, only having one singer left going into the next round.

A different one suggested Gwen was getting payback for not keeping Lemon. One user thought that Gwen isn’t good at the show.

The Voice fans think Team Gwen got what she deserved
Pic credit: @xtraSpiceylam/@haltonpm/@FLDEB03/@kaysuls/X

“Also, Gwen had really great artistes and let them go for Kara #thevoice” said another comment.

Team Gwen’s not surviving past the next round of eliminations was also brought up on the social media platform.

The No Doubt singer was also called out for not seeing just how bad Tanner was singing.

Oh, and let’s not forget the awkward moment of Gwen telling Tanner, “We all go home,” after he was eliminated.

The Voice coaches weigh in on who will win Season 24

Ahead of the first live shows, Reba McEntire, John Legend, Niall Horan, and Gwen spoke with Entertainment Tonight with their predictions for who will win Season 24.

Reba admitted that she had no idea who would come out as the winner. John and Niall didn’t name names either but rather gave props to the talent on the show.

“The voices that I have this year are just like, some of the best singers I’ve ever heard,” Niall said with John adding, “This is my eighth season and I’ve never seen just this level of quality across the board.”

Gwen thinks it will come down to who The Voice fans fall in love with as a singer and person. Blake Shelton’s wife called the season “ridiculous,” saying it would be a tall order to find the winner in a group of such talented signers.

Going into the next round, Reba and Niall have three singers, John has two singers, and Gwen has one singer, so BIAS better bring it if Team Gwen plans to stay in The Voice competition.

The Voice airs Mondays at 8/7c and Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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4 months ago

Gwen is so worried about showing her ass off she can’t play the game right. She loves herself to much