The Voice Season 21: Kelly Clarkson’s team, ranked

Kelly Clarkson on The Voice
Kelly Clarkson on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

The Voice has solidified each of their teams for Season 21 and the competition is ready to heat up.

Kelly Clarkson is in her eighth season as a coach on The Voice.

After winning the competition in her very first two seasons as a coach (Brynn Cartelli and Chevel Shepherd), she won a third time in Season 17 with Jake Hoot.

With three wins in seven seasons, Kelly wants to move to 50% with a win in Season 21.

She has a nice team to do it too.

Here is a look at Kelly Clarkson’s team for Season 21 of The Voice.

This article will be updated as the season moves on and will make changes when singers are stolen and will rearrange the rankings as competitors are eliminated.

12. Jeremy Rosado

Jeremy Rosado is no stranger to reality television as he previously appeared on American Idol’s 11th season (2012). Rosado made it all the way to the top 13 before his elimination.

Since then, Rosado has become a Worship Leader for a church in Florida and has decided to try his hand again at a singing competition with The Voice.

In his first performance, he sang the Rascal Flatts song Here Comes Goodbye and got two chairs to turn with Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton.

He ended up choosing Kelly and is now a part of her team for The Voice Season 21.

11. Wyatt Michael

Wyatt Michael came out in episode five and performed Bobby Darin’s Mack the Knife.

The song got two people to turn around with Kelly Clarkson and Ariana Grande, while John Legend and Blake Shelton sat out the singer.

Wyatt has his most experience with jazz music, but he also worked in a rock band called Chasing Avenir. When Kelly admitted that she wanted to sing with him in the finals with a big band behind them, it sold him.

Wyatt chose Kelly over Ariana.

10. Jershika Maple

Jershika Maple is a singer from Killeen, Texas, who appeared on the fifth episode and picked up the interest of two coaches.

Jershika sang New Edition’s Can You Stand the Rain and both Kelly Clarkson and John Legend turned for her.

She also had experience with a previous The Voice competitor as she worked as a background singer in Rose Short’s concert tour. Short was part of Team Gwen in Season 17.

Jershika Maple chose Kelly Clarkson over John Legend.

9. Carolina Alonso

Carolina Alonso came out in the second episode of the season and only wowed one coach.

Alonso, a 23-year-old from Reno, Nevada, sang El Triste by Jose Jose, and only Kelly Clarkson turned for her.

“It’s about the loss of a loved one and how the memories of loved ones help you live your own life,” she said to the coaches. “I just wanted to sing that for my family and in thinking about family that has passed away.”

This put Carolina on Kelly’s team with no other competition.

8. Parker McKay

Parker McKay only had one coach to impress. All three other judges had already filled up their teams, so if Kelly Clarkson liked Parker, she had no roadblocks to pick her.

Parker sang Niall Horan’s Slow Hands.

This was an emotional performance for McKay, who said that she lost her mother the week of her blind audition to dementia, so this was a “blessing” for her.

7. Aaron Hines

Aaron Hines should be someone to watch in the competition rounds. He arrived on the final day of blind auditions and all four coaches still had spots open.

Hines performed Heartbreak Anniversary by Giveon and all four coaches turned for him.

The San Antonio singer earned the last four-chair turn for the blind auditions rounds and everyone wanted him. John Legend said he loved his voice, but he ended up joining Team Kelly.

“I feel like she got me, artistically,” Aaron said after he picked Kelly.

6. Xavier Cornell

Xavier Cornell came out and performed in week five, and he only had one coach turn for him.

Xavier performed Teenage Dream by Katy Perry and Kelly turned for him, while the other three coaches held pat.

Xavier is an 18-year-old who just graduated from high school and went to Los Angeles for the blind auditions. He also has a future in music as he was already accepted into Manhattan’s School of Music. 

5. The Cunningham Sisters

The Cunningham Sisters are two of the younger members of The Voice Season 21 cast. These sisters are only 13 (Marie) and 15 (Macie) years old.

The sisters performed the Tori Kelly song Never Alone and both Kelly Clarkson and John Legend turned for them.

Kelly said they had “amazing voices” and John Legend said he wanted to work with the “harmonies” from the two. They then chose Kelly Clarkson to be their coach for the season.

4. Kinsey Rose

Kinsey Rose came out in Week 1 and sang the Dixie Chicks song, Cowboy Take Me Away.

Blake Shelton turned for the country stinger and Kelly Carlson turned as well, with the two planning to go head-to-head to convince her to join their team.

Rose, a 35-year-old singer from Nashville, Tennessee, didn’t have to choose. Kelly blocked Blake and she was able to bring Rose onto her team.

Kinsey Rose will go head-to-head with Girl Named Tom in the first competition round as they will perform The Eagles’ Seven Bridges Road.

3. Holly Forbes

Holly Forbes was a standout in episode three, and she had all four coaches turn for her.

However, one of the coaches didn’t have a chance to fight for her because John Legend was blocked.

This meant that Kelly Clarkson, Ariana Grande, and Blake Shelton had a chance to vie for the singer, who performed an amazing version of Elton John’s Rocket Man, which had Ariana tearing up.

However, Holly chose to go with Team Kelly for the season and is one of the early fan favorites, with over two million views of her performance on YouTube already.

2. Gymani

Gymani came out and did something risky. She performed a cover of Ariana Grande’s POV.

However, she knocked it out of the park and all four chairs turned for her. Ariana herself was impressed and said that Gymani made the song her own.

“That’s your song now! Take it!” Ariana said.

Despite this, Gymani chose Team Kelly and is one of the top singers for Clarkson this year on The Voice.

1. Girl Named Tom

Girl Named Tom might be the group to beat for Kelly Clarkson this year on The Voice.

The group consists of siblings, Bekah (21), Joshua (24), and Caleb (26). They were the first artists to join Kelly Clarkson’s team.

However, it wasn’t a sure thing because all four coaches turned for Girl Named Tom. This is even more impressive since they have only been performing together since 2019.

The group sang Crosby, Stills, & Nash’s Helplessly Hoping. Their hope was to get one coach to turn, and when all four turned, it was emotional.

They also said the choice was hard, but they ended up picking Kelly Clarkson and are now the favorites to lead the way to the finals.

The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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