The Voice had a first-time experience happen during Battle rounds

Girl Named Tom and Kinsey Rose on The Voice
Girl Named Tom and Kinsey Rose on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

The Voice started its Battle rounds this week and the newest coach, Ariana Grande, realized how hard this really is.

When Ariana opened up her Battle rounds with two women that she loved, she saw how hard it was to have to only pick one at the end.

Thankfully for her, no judge tried to steal the other and Ariana used her one save to keep both her winner – Katie Rae – and the opposition, Bella DeNapoli.

Ariana was in tears when she did it and when she looked at the other coaches, Kelly Clarkson said no one was going to steal Bella when they saw Ariana cry for her.

“We aren’t heartless,” Kelly said.

However, then two other amazingly talented competitors went head-to-head for Kelly Clarkson and that is when something happened that had never happened in the history of The Voice.

The Voice coaches all buzzed for one star in Battle round

For the first time ever, all four judges buzzed in for a loser in the Battle rounds, the first time there were three steals and a save for the same person.

This happened on the most publicized competition on Monday night – Team Kelly‘s Girl Named Tom and Kinsey Rose performed The Eagles Seven Bridges Road.

It was an incredible performance and Kelly ended up having to make the hardest choice of the first night.

She had to choose between two of her teammates that could both realistically win the competition.

After all the coaches said they were struggling to choose their favorite, Kelly Clarkson had to make her choice.

Kelly chose Girl Named Tom as the winner of the Battle round.

This is when the moment occurred where everyone wanted to claim Kinsey Rose for themselves.

Kelly hit her save button, wanting to use her one save to convince Kinsey Rose to come back to her.

John Legend then hit his steal button almost immediately after Kelly hit her save button. Then, Blake Shelton hit his steal button, knowing he could convince her to join him.

When Kelly Clarkson initially chose Kinsey Rose, she used her block on Blake Shelton, so he was gambling on Kinsey wanting to work with him when finally given the chance.

After they all pitched their reasons she should pick them, and while Kinsey was thinking, Ariana Grande hit her steal buzzer.

This meant that, for the first time, all four judges hit their buttons for the same person in the Battle rounds.

Kinsey Rose ended up choosing to stay with Kelly Clarkson and will go on as a member of Team Kelly.

The rest of The Voice Battle round night one

Outside of Ariana Grande’s save and Kelly Clarkson’s big moment, there were four other battles.

For Team Legend, Samuel Harness beat KJ Jennings.

For Team Blake, Peedy Chavis beat The Joy Reunion.

For Team Ariana, David Vogel beat Chavon Rodgers.

All three of those losing competitors went home.

Finally, there was a cliffhanger. Jeremy Rosado beat Jershika Mapel for Team Kelly and then both John Legend and Ariana Grande used their saves, but it ended at that point.

The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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