The Voice: Blake Shelton gives high praise to rival singer for country performance

Blake Shelton and Holly Forbes on The Voice
Blake Shelton and Holly Forbes on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

One of the fun things to watch on The Voice are moments where a singer captivates all the coaches, even those competing against that singer.

While everyone is full of bluster when they are touting their team and poking fun at their fellow coaches, they all really want to see the performers do the best they can.

When a coach is awe-struck and gushes over a singer from one of the rival coaches, it speaks wonders about that performance.

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That happened on Monday night when Blake Shelton was absolutely floored by a performance by Ariana Grande‘s singing sensation, Holly Forbes.

Holly Forbes performance on The Voice

Holly Forbes came out on November 15 and performed her rendition of Garth Brooks’ hit song The Dance.

“I’m singing ‘The Dance’ by Garth Brooks, and I’m dedicating it to my stepmom. We would listen to it all the time, and I went through a lot as a kid, and she was always there,” Holly said. “She’s raised me since I was like two years old.

“She’s just always been there for me, you know? She’s always been willing to help with whatever I’ve needed. She’s just always been a shining example of what a Mother should be.”

When she finished the song, she floored the judges, with both Ariana Grande and Blake Shelton equally impressed with her performance.

Holly Forbes was still emotional after she left and posted a special message on her Instagram account.

“Tonight was such a huge moment—to sing one of my favorite songs and give some love to my momma,” Holly wrote. “Thank you to @nbcthevoice and my incredible coach @arianagrande.”

Blake Shelton praises Holly Forbes on The Voice

The country guru on the coaching panel, Blake Shelton, was amazed at her rendition of the classic Brooks’ song.

“Well, you know, I think that with Garth being a close, personal friend of mine. That song changed Garth Brooks’ life, and then Garth went on to change country music,” Shelton said.

“And it speaks to the power of that song, and I loved your performance of that song because you kept it simple, and you poured your heart into it and let the words speak for themselves.

“And my God, great job Holly!”

Ariana Grande, who hopes that Holly can move on to represent her in the finals, agreed.

“I would say what a special rendition of that song, but also there are so many incredible singers in this show at this stage in the game, and I just have to say that what you do every single time is just so in your own league,” Grande added.

“In your own world, and you’re just so incredibly beautiful in your own thing, every single time. You’re in your own lane, I think, and you’re incredible.”

The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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