The Valley: Kristen Doute exposes co-star’s affair during 4th wall-breaking fight

Kristen Doute on The Valley.
Kristen Doute is stirring the pot. Pic credit: Bravo

Kristen Doute has been the main attraction on The Valley since it premiered on Bravo last month.

She’s been bringing the drama when we least expect it and was recently branded a “crazy person” for spreading rumors about co-star Michelle Lally.

During the final moments of Tuesday’s episode, the drama went up a few notches when Kristen and Michelle had a screaming match that put them on the outs all over again.

The entire cast had assembled to celebrate Jax Taylor‘s new deal to promote hair loss products.

Kristen was less than thrilled when she felt Michelle’s then-husband, Jesse Lally, was rude, with the former SURver storming away from the table.

Behind the scenes, Kristen chatted with a producer about the atmosphere and held nothing back.

Kristen Doute calls out Jesse Lally

“What do you mean, come on? He’s acting like a f—ing psycho,” Kristen complained of her co-star, but she wasn’t done there.

“He’s f—ing banging his hands on the table again. This is turning into trash,” she added.

“He’s a really horrific human, but I don’t want to out their whole f—ing marriage and everything I know about it. And I won’t do it.”

By then, Jesse had heard Kristen yelling about his marriage and went off.

“If you bring out any skeletons that I don’t already know about my wife, I will f—ing bury you,” he yelled.

Luke Broderick gets involved

But things went sideways quickly, and a full-blown screaming match erupted as Kristen’s boyfriend, Luke Broderick, appeared on-screen.

She then claimed that Jesse said “he’s going to divorce” Michelle within two months but wouldn’t admit it on camera.

Jax opened up in a confessional, claiming that Kristen’s recollection of events was way off the mark and that Michelle was “going to leave Jesse in two months.”

It was a confusing turn of events, but we wouldn’t rule out every cast member saying something different here. They’re messy.

Luke tried to get Jesse to leave Kristen out of it by telling him to speak to his wife because that’s who the problem was with.

Jesse then started trying to get to Luke by nudging cast members out of the way, but Kristen dropped the mother of all bombshells when she screamed that Michelle had a secret boyfriend for over a year. Wowza!

Kristen Doute drops a bombshell about Michelle Lally

“About a year ago, Michelle and Jesse were very unhappy. Michelle had a guy. She was seeing him,” Kristen elaborated in a confessional.

“They were hanging out. I was not against any of this because I think Jesse is a piece of sh-t,” she added.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger, meaning we’ll have to wait another week for the fallout. OMG, right?!

Jesse and Michelle have called time on their marriage since filming concluded, meaning that there should be plenty of drama during the upcoming reunion.

Since its premiere last month, The Valley has featured bonkers drama, with the new cast members clocking in to deliver good TV.

We never thought it’d be watchable, but it’s one of Bravo’s best shows right now.

The Valley airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo. Stream Season 1 on Peacock.

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24 days ago

Karma paid Kristen Doute a visit in the worst way!

24 days ago

“I’m 40 now.”