The truth about Iman Shumpert’s Dancing with the Stars freestyle dance

Iman Shumpert on Dancing with the Stars
Iman Shumpert on Dancing with the Stars. Pic credit: ABC

Iman Shumpert shocked the world when he won Dancing with the Stars Season 30’s Mirrorball trophy with partner Daniella Karagach.

The clincher was likely when Iman finished his final night with two Perfect 40s, including a freestyle dance that Julianne Hough called the best she had ever seen.

Iman and Daniella revealed the secrets behind that dance after celebrating their win.

The truth behind Iman Shumpert’s freestyle dance on DWTS

Iman Shumpert started to turn things around in Horror Week when he and Daniella scored Perfect 40s for their contemporary horror dance.

It seemed that Iman’s more loose dancing style is what impressed the judges the most.

When it comes to the final dance of the competition, the freestyle dance to Lose Control by Missy Elliott and Bounce by DJ Clent, it was different than any of the duo’s dances.

It wasn’t even a dance that Daniella fully choreographed. Daniella had to have an expert come in and teach her Chicago footwork for the final dance. The pro had to learn as much as her amateur partner.

“We had an amazing choreographer come out here and help us with the footwork,” Daniella said. “Kimo flew all the way from Chicago to teach us Chicago footwork, and it was as authentic as possible.

“We had the best dancers in our number. They all killed it with the footwork. We just all worked out as a team to create this number for Iman, and we’re just so happy with the way it turned out.”

Iman mentioned that Daniella was great at what she does, but they knew they needed something big for the finals.

“King Kimo flew in from Chicago to teach us both how to footwork. I thought it was cool that all season I had to learn all these dance styles and then for the finale Dani’s like no I’m going to learn how to footwork, I’m going to go there with you,” Iman said.

“It was cool to have that flip-flop and have her have that solo moment and feel like she’s at a house party with me in Chicago having a good time.”

Iman’s mom and dad couldn’t come to DWTS finals

Iman Shumpert wasn’t able to enjoy the win with his parents.

He said he felt his mom would be choked up that he won but his dad tested positive for COVID-19, so they couldn’t make it.

“He’s OK. He’s strong,” Iman said about his dad.

He continued, “My mom wasn’t able to come to the building, but I can’t wait to put this in her hands so she can get a chance to enjoy this, because this is a tremendous honor to be part of such a brand.” 

Iman then said that he was giving the Mirrorball trophy to his mother so she can showcase it with all the other awards she had.

“She got her wish. She already has a spot for it.”

Missy Elliott loved Iman’s Dancing with the Stars freestyle

The dance even impressed one of the musicians that they danced to the song of.

“They Worked dat,” Missy Elliott wrote on Twitter. “Congratulations @imanshumpert You SNAPPED hard on dat FootWork see I told yall music make you Lose Control.”

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus. Season 31 will likely return in late 2022.

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