The three biggest jaw-droppers from the latest episode of Real Housewives of Orange County

The cast of RHOC Season 15
The drama is heating up on RHOC. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Orange County have certainly kept fans on their toes these last few seasons.  Just last year we saw lawsuits, housewife makeout sessions, assault by mallet and bowl, divorce, new relationships, and an engagement.

With the departure of veteran housewives Tamra Judge and the OG of the OC Vicki Gunvalson, fans worried the new season’s storylines would be dull and boring.

The infamous duo are known to start a lot of fires amongst the women, but based on the most recent episode, the Season 15 cast has no problem bringing the heat all on their own.

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We’ve broken down the three biggest jaw-droppers from the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

1. Kelly greets Shannon’s father as “Big d*** daddy”

Kelly Dodd is notorious for speaking her mind and often says things with zero regard for other people’s opinions.  She’s taken some heat in the past from castmates and fans over her outlandish statements and foul-mouthed comments, and the latest episode was no exception.

Shannon Beador hosted a party to celebrate her new home.  One of the party guests, Shannon’s 91-year-old father Gene, was in attendance with his girlfriend who is much younger.

In a confessional interview, Shannon explained that her parents got divorced when she was younger and in college.  She described that her father has been a lot to handle over the years and often parties harder than she does.

Shannon also admitted the difference in years between her and her father’s current girlfriend is somewhere in the single digits.

Knowing the age difference between Gene and his girlfriend, Kelly decided to greet him in a less than formal way.  When introduced to him,  Kelly referred to him as  “big d*** daddy from Cincinnati.”  Gene seemed unbothered by the comment but Shannon was horrified.

Fans took to Twitter with mixed reactions to the comment.  One fan posted, “And this is why you don’t introduce Kelly Dodd to your dad.” With another agreeing by tweeting at Kelly, “Maybe you should count to ten before you speak.  Think: ‘Am I about to say something repulsive that I can’t take back?’ Re: Shannon’s father.”

Other fans found humor in her comment with one saying, “That was the best part of the whole episode.” and another adding, “LMFAO.  I normally think everything that comes out of Kelly Dodd’s mouth is appalling but I couldn’t help but burst out laughing when I heard that.”

It seems no one is off-limits to Kelly’s unconventional humor.

2. Shannon confronts Braunwyn over Gina’s “sad” house

Shannon Beador confronts Braunwyn Windham-Burke about "sad" house comment
Shannon Beador confronts Braunwyn Windham-Burke about “sad” house comment Pic credit: Bravo

Shannon decided it was time to confront castmate Braunwyn Windham-Burke after she revealed to castmates that Shannon referred to Gina Kirschenheiter’s new condo as small and “sad”.

Gina, one of the only housewives who owns instead of rents, recently moved into a 1600 square foot condo with her boyfriend Travis and their six children.  The episode flashed back to when Shannon visited Gina’s home telling her it was nice.

On the way to visit acupuncturist Dr. Moon, Braunwyn confessed to Shannon that she threw her under the bus by telling the other women she made the comments while Shannon denied saying it.   In a confessional interview, Braunwyn said Shannon told her in a previous conversation that if she ever brought it up she would deny it.

Even though Braunwyn fessed up, it didn’t stop Shannon from losing it on her at her party.  Shannon confronted Braunwyn telling her to set the record straight with the other women.

As the two began arguing, Shannon said, “This is my party.  How dare you,” even though she initiated the argument.  After going back and forth, Braunwyn emotionally pleaded, “For the first time in my life I’m sober and I can remember things accurately.”

Despite Braunwyn’s memory, Shannon insisted she didn’t say it.  Braunwyn then stormed off to talk to her husband, Sean.

Fans took to Twitter upset when producers didn’t cut to the footage of the conversation to show fans what really went down.  One fan wrote, “Just play the damn footage of Shannon and Braunwyn!!! Don’t wait for the reunion.” and another added, “We know Bravo got the receipts.”

While the old footage doesn’t confirm Shannon said the word “sad,” long time viewers know that the truth usually comes out by the time the reunion airs.

3. Gina calls Braunwyn a “sloppy chihuahua”

If Braunwyn’s battle with Shannon wasn’t crazy enough, she decided to walk up to Gina and tell her she’s been talking crap about her.  Gina said to Braunwyn, “You haven’t called or texted me.”

Braunwyn’s response of “I wanted to but I haven’t had time” did not go over well with castmate Emily Simpson as she jumped to Gina’s defense yelling, “You have two nannies and you don’t work.  You could find the time!”

Earlier in the episode, Braunwyn was seen at the dinner table with all seven of her children.  As she put them to bed, she confessed to Sean that she felt like a bad mother because of her alcoholism.

She recalled her youngest child seeking out the nanny for comfort rather than going to her.  Sean reassures her that she’s moving in the right direction, but it’s clear the guilt had been eating away at her.

Emily’s comment didn’t sit well with Braunwyn, but it only got worse after she added an appointment for a facial as a reason why she’s been too busy to call Gina.  The fight continued to escalate until Gina finally snapped.

In what may have been the most explosive moment of the entire episode, Gina yelled at Braunwyn, “You’re like a sloppy chihuahua!  You’re wasted all the time!”

The comment struck a nerve with Braunwyn as she responded, “I’m 30 days sober today, b****.” She then stormed off after shattering her glass on the ground.

Braunwyn walked out of the party crying and yelling, “F*** you, Gina!” as Sean caught up to console her.

The drama continues next week

In what was easily the most explosive episode of the season so far, it’s clear the ladies of the OC don’t need to rely on Tamra or Vicki for storylines.  In a preview of next week’s episode, Emily and Kelly recap Shannon’s party. Kelly says it was “crazy” and she thought “Braunwyn was better drunk,” to which Emily agrees.

Braunwyn vents to Sean that she can’t show her face now, and Gina invites her ex-husband, Matt and his new girlfriend to their daughter’s birthday party.

The ladies of the OC are known to bring the drama, and this season looks like it won’t disappoint.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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