The really weird reason Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist may be divorcing after The Golden Bachelor wedding

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist
Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist may have called it quits over a cornfield. Pic credit: ABC

We always figured that the reason for The Golden Bachelor’s divorce would eventually come out.

Initially, it was because Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist claimed they couldn’t agree on where to live.

Some of The Golden Bachelor cast members have shared their own ideas about why the quickie marriage didn’t last.

Susan Noles even said that it was real but that Gerry and Theresa got “caught up in the moment.”

It seems like everyone in Bachelor Nation has shared their opinion on the divorce news that many of us didn’t see coming.

But now, a former Bachelor star is sounding off on why he thinks The Golden Bachelor’s first couple didn’t make it past the three month mark.

Ben Higgins weighs in on Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist’s divorce

On Monday, Ben Higgins spilled a bit of tea on Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist’s divorce on The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous podcast.

He doesn’t think it’s all about where to live, instead, the Indiana-native claims that the golden divorce came to a head over a cornfield.

“This is a rumor. I want to be clear that as I preface this, this is a rumor of a generalization of a conversation that Gerry and Theresa had, and I think you’re gonna find it interesting,” Higgins prefaced.

Then he shared that Gerry and Theresa were “not seeing eye-to-eye in life.”

So when Gerry picked Theresa up from the airport to take her to his Indiana lakehouse, it seems they had a huge disagreement about the cornfields of all things.

It turns out that Gerry did not see Theresa’s field of dreams when she mused, “Wow, look at all this beautiful untouched land. Think about what could be done if they developed it. Condos, office buildings, apartments.”

She apparently said, “Think about the towns that could congregate in these open fields and think about the people that would be interested in moving here. And look at that lake. There’s a lake with only cornfields around it. Think about if they build up a resort where people could vacation to.”

Allegedly, Gerry’s response to Theresa’s comments was, “You don’t take land from a farmer.”

Ben then said that it was the disagreement about the cornfields that made The Golden Bachelor couple realize just how different their world views were, and it was the beginning of the end.

Gerry and Theresa’s marriage may have been doomed from the start

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist moved fast — too fast really — when they went from engaged to married within just a few months.

Then, they called it quits just three months later and never even made it to their Italian honeymoon that was paid for by The Golden Bachelor production.

But now, there are reports that Gerry never really intended to find love in the first place.

Instead, an insider claims that Gerry’s initial reason for starring in the first season of The Golden Bachelor was to get famous and build a career in entertainment.

News that he signed with an agency in recent months supports that notion, and now that he’s getting a divorce so quickly after his televised Golden Wedding, it’s hard to argue that he was trying to find a partner.

The Golden Bachelor is on hiatus on ABC.

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Kathleen dalton
Kathleen dalton
12 days ago

He certainly showed us what a great actor he might be with all that crying and lying. It was all a big act from the beginning. Never had a good feeling about the guy!!

kathy byrd
kathy byrd
10 days ago

I never liked Gerry..he’s such a phony! Teresa is better off!

Beverly Cooper
Beverly Cooper
10 days ago

Gerry should have never picked Theresa in the first, if he was even serious. She was was cut throat and liar. She reminded of a spoiled child who would stoop to anything to get her way. She definitely proved that to her castmates, whom she turned on. I mean, l knew it was a competition, but she played some dirty tricks to finesse that man. Anyway, in the end, he should have chosen the other contestant with the curly hair, strong personality, great career and fly condo in Minneapolis. She would’ve been a great match for him, in my opinion. But gee, l guess in the end, he wasn’t really ready for a real, full bodied woman. So he chose a mean spirited, greedy little doll baby.
Oh Well…

5 days ago
Reply to  Beverly Cooper

Beverly I couldn’t agree more you!!!
Seriously you hit the nail on the head!!

5 days ago
Reply to  Beverly Cooper

Beverly I couldn’t agree more with you!!
You got the nail on the head!!