The real reason Whitney Bischoff dumped Chris Soules after The Bachelor

Whitney Bischoff
Whitney Bischoff’s take on Chris Soules. Pic credit: @whitney_b_angel/Instagram

In 2015, Whitney Bischoff was Chris Soules’ chosen winner on his season of The Bachelor.

However, after Whitney left the show with Chris, engaged and with a four-carat diamond ring, things started to go downhill.

Because of the immediate publicity and spotlight that came with being on the show and winning, Whitney had a tough time following the aired season. It was because of this instant fame that Whitney couldn’t do it anymore.

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In fact, she stated to Page Six, “It was extremely difficult coming off of the show. Wherever I went, people recognized me and had opinions about everything I did, and I wasn’t prepared for that.”

This was the demise of Whitney and Chris’ relationship, as she hated being such a public and well-known figure following her overnight fame.

Whitney also declared, speaking about the split with Chris, “It was also difficult to have such a public breakup.”

Whitney Bischoff’s life since her breakup with Chris Soules

After the show aired and she and Chris broke off their engagement, Whitney revealed that she just wanted to return to her normal life.

She claimed that some contestants and leads love being in the limelight and crave more fame as they become social media influencers.

However, Whitney just wanted to go back to her everyday life and her job as a fertility nurse. She relayed the fact that she never once thought about going further in reality television; actually, she wanted to remove herself from it and get as far away from the spotlight as possible.

What is Whitney Bischoff up to today?

Crazily enough, just six months after she and Chris called it quits, Whitney ended up meeting the man she would later marry.

That man, her current husband, is sales manager Ricky Angel. The twosome ended up getting married in 2017, and they now have a three-year-old little boy together named Hayes.

While Whitney really struggled with the show and the aftermath of the spotlight, her answer to the question of if she had any regrets might surprise you.

Whitney declared, “Honestly, no. It was definitely hard – especially after it was all said and done. But the show helped me realize what I am looking for and what I won’t settle for.”

Chris went on to have a relationship with Victoria Fuller, another Bachelor Nation alum, but the two broke up after quarantining together amidst the worldwide pandemic.

Now that Whitney is happily married to Rick, she has been able to live each day as a wife, mom, and nurse, doing what she loves best and what she feels like she was meant to do.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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