The real reason Tom Bergeron left Dancing With the Stars

Tom Bergeron on Dancing With the Stars
Tom Bergeron on Dancing With the Stars. Pic credit: ABC

Dancing With the Stars fans still routinely complain about Tyra Banks serving as the host for the show and lament the loss of Tom Bergeron.

There are still some people who don’t know why Tom left the show, and those who know he was fired are puzzled as to why.

Here is why Tom Bergeron left Dancing With the Stars, straight from the former host’s mouth.

Tom Bergeron on why Dancing With the Stars fired him

Tom Bergeron told Bob Saget why he left the show in a podcast last month.

“In all candor, the show that I left was not the show that I loved,” Tom said. “So, the end of the season that turned out to be my last season, I kind of knew. So I took everything out of my dressing room that I really wanted … It was kind of obvious that we were kind of butting heads.”

Tom wasn’t happy at the end of the journey there and he didn’t like what Dancing With the Stars had turned into.

It all went sour for him the season DWTS invited Sean Spicer onto the show. Knowing how controversial the political landscape had become, Tom felt the show should remain free of politics so people could come and watch it as escapism.

Tom wanted Dancing With the Stars to avoid “divisive bookings from ANY party affiliations” and he said the producers went “in a different direction.”

Bergeron also noted that he heard that his podcast appearance was trending and wanted to clarify that the show started to change for him in 2018.

Tom Bergeron doesn’t want to come back to DWTS

“I wasn’t surprised that, that was my last season. So there was no blue period,” Tom said. “Actually, I think Erin [Andrews] and I had more fun getting fired than anyone.”

Tom also said he is finished and has no intention to return to DWTS, even if he was asked.

“It’s pretty far in the rearview mirror for me. I’m on to other stuff.” Tom said, “You know what nobody needs to hear? A whiny millionaire … It’s so self-absorbed.”

Tom continued, “I mean, look. I had great fortune. I mean, I had two network shows running simultaneously for the better part of a decade and a half.”

The good news is that Tom will be back on television soon if he has any say in it, just not with Dancing With the Stars.

“While I deeply appreciate your supportive texts & tweets, it’s been almost two years since I last hosted the dance show,” Bergeron said. “Life goes on. I traded in the A for an N. I’ll BCing you soon.”

It sounds like he will be headed to an NBC show. We just have to wait and see.

Dancing With the Stars airs this week on Monday and Tuesday night for Disney Week at 8/7c on ABC.

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