The real reason Rain was emotional about the Alaskan Bush People finale

Rain Brown firing an arrow on Alaskan Buch People
Rain Brown firing an arrow on Alaskan Buch People. Pic credit: Discovery

Alaskan Bush People just wrapped up the most emotional season of the show’s history.

This was the season where father Billy Brown died and the family had to lay him to rest. There were then a few episodes remaining that showed how the family moved on after his passing.

However, the season finale was very emotional for Rain Brown and she explained why.

Why Rain was emotional at Alaskan Bush People finale

The episode that was the hardest hitting was when Billy Brown died. After that, it finished the season with Ami and her kids trying to navigate life without their patriarch.

The season finale was one where the members of the Brown family all mourned and celebrated the life of their father.

Rain is the youngest of the Brown children, just turning 19 in November. However, she has a maturity that dwarfs her age. She was the one who stepped up to help Ami and become the support system that she needed in her time of mourning.

Before fans watched the season finale, Rain went to Instagram and gave an update and explained how emotional the episode was for her personally.

“Hey everybody, I just wanted to pop on her real quick and say that the season finale of Alaskan Bush People comes on tonight,” Rain started off the video, while also telling people where and when to see it.

“It’s a very emotional episode,” she continued. “It does mean a lot to us. It was very challenging to film and coordinate that episode because it had to be on a very specific day and through a very specific time.

“So, it was hard to coordinate and it gets a little messy, but I hope that everybody enjoys it.”

Rain’s journey through Alaskan Bush People’s season

Outside of Billy Brown’s death, this was a tough season for Rainbow Brown.

Billy and Rain talked about their dreams of going into the mountains to mine for gold. Billy then died before they could to this together, but Rain bought some old mining equipment anyway so she could head up to try to search their mountain in Washington for gold.

In general, the family plans to move on with Billy’s dream and Bear Brown said that they intend to keep filming the show for as long as people want to watch their journey.

Alaskan Bush People is on hiatus. It should return for a new season in 2022.

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