Porsha thinks she’s found an ideal man to get her pregnant on RHOH

Porsha is back on contact with an old flame and she reckons he would be a great dad on RHOA

On this episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha Williams turns to an old flame to provide some…well she thinks he might agree to get her pregnant.

She explains that they dated for a while years ago and are now back in touch. They certainly seem flirty enough on the phone and his two kids are teenagers, but would he want to be a dad with Porsha knowing they’d probably be in a relationship?

Porsha says she’s been thinking about having a baby on her own for a few years and being a good father is her number one criteria for a man.

Also on this episode, Kenya and Matt go on a road trip to his family reunion, but will it bring the newly back together couple closer or not?

Plus Cynthia is finding divorce hard, last week saw her explain to Peter how much she wanted to stay friends but when you do the big D that does not always work out.

Meantime, Bob is trying to Sheree to go on a date.

Catch The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Ghosts of Boyfriends Past at 8 PM on Bravo. The Real Housewives of Atlanta

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